Legion Lottery, Draft Kicks Off 2017 For Association

LEGION OF DEFENSE – The Association‘s all-defense fantasy league, the Legion of Defense launched the first strike of the Association‘s 2017 fantasy season with their annual draft lottery and then their 2017 draft.  The Legion distributes their draft positions by a combination of prior season finish and a draft lottery, and that draft lottery was held on Sunday, August 13 to get the AF‘s draft season rolling.  It’s a weighted lottery, giving better odds to the four teams in the league’s Premier Division – the top dog of the tiered division set-up in the Legion – where the first 5 draft spots are awarded to the lucky teams.  In this year’s lottery, the jackpot #1 overall draft position went to Premier Division team Insane Clowney Posse, who missed last season’s draft but inexplicably still managed to make it into the Championship Tournament as the #1 seed and finished as the league runner-up after losing Legion Bowl IV to Suspension Freaks who captured the #5 overall draft position in the lottery.

New franchises in the Legion are relegated to the end of the draft unless they can get lucky enough to snag a top 5 position in the draft lottery, and that’s exactly what  newcomer Gotta Big Defense did, winning the #2 spot right behind the Clowns.  The #3 and #4 positions went to a pair of 2016 Premier Division teams, Sacks Fifth Avenue and Battering Rams, respectively, both of whom have been relegated to lower tier divisions for 2017.  Rumors coming out of Legion Headquarters seem to indicate that this may be the final year for tiered divisions in the league, although the official AF talked to on the condition of anonymity indicated that no decision had yet been made and insisted that whether the tiered divisions stay or go, some form of draft lottery will remain in place.

On Sunday, August 20, a week after the draft lottery, the 12 Legion teams met in the Legion War Room room to draw up battle plans for the War of 2017, and with the very first pick in the very first round of the very first Association draft of the year, Insane Clowney Posse selected JJ Watt – no big surprise from a team sporting a Texans logo.  That first pick was quickly followed by Gotta Big Defense selecting Luke Kuechly and then Sacks Fifth Avenue naming the Kansas City Chiefs as their team defense to make it 3 different positions taken with the first 3 picks.  At 4th overall, the Battering Rams anchored their squad with an end in Khalil Mack, and the returning Champion Suspension Freaks anchored theirs with a linebacker, taking Von Miller at 5th overall.

Sleeper Agent matched their defense to their logo, selecting the Broncos at 6th overall, and while the Mighty Pats did the same – taking the Patriots Defense with their 4th round pick – but at 7th overall in the first round they took the 2016 Rookie of the Year, defensive end Joey Bosa.  The 8th, 9th, and 10th picks all went to teams in the All Pro Division as The Gates of Delirium took Zach Brown, Chinese Bandits took Calais Campbell, and The Cavalry anchored their line with Jason Piere-Paul.  Rookie teams BIGDOGINTEX and Roxteady finished out the round selecting the Seahawks Defense and Kwon Alexander, respectively.

The last team in the draft to pick up a team defense in the draft was 2016 Champ Suspension Freaks, picking up the Cincinnati Bengals in the very last round of the draft; in 2016 they picked up the Bucs in the final round and won the Championship…do the Freaks know something the rest of the league doesn’t?  Full draft results can be seen here.