World Bowl 6 Logo Unveiled

WORLD LEAGUE – In Week 16 of 2012, the first annual World Fantasy League championship was held to determine the season’s champion.  This World Championship game was hosted by the founding  franchise New Orleans and was named the World Bowl.  Each year, the World Bowls have been hosted by the prior season’s Champion, with 2017’s World Bowl 6 slated for South Carolina, USA, home of the 2016 World Champion Dacusville Devils.  This year’s World Bowl is scheduled to be on Christmas Eve, and will be played at Furman University’s Paladin Stadium, in Greenville, South Carolina, just a few miles from Dacusville, the World League‘s smallest franchise town.  This week, the League has unveiled the World Bowl 6 logo (pictured above) in what has become an anticipated annual tradition of the summer off-season.

The WFL is always the earliest league in the Association to get things started, with their pre-season trading period set to open on July 1, and then their email draft kicking off the AF draft season.  League teams have not yet began their confirmations for the 2017 season, but the league has enjoyed a 100% rate of return over the last 2 seasons, so no league openings are anticipated.   The annual owners meeting is currently underway where owners are discussing rules changes, including a proposed addition to the keeper positions, as well as adopting entry /payouts and making a move away from  If the vote comes through on that last order of business, they would be the first Association team to do so.


past World Bowl logos: