Circus Leads Association In AFCU Membership

FANTASY CIRCUS – The Association’s newest league is currently leading all other leagues in Associated Fantasy Coaches Union (AFCU) membership.  Established in 2015, AF’s Fantasy Circus is the newest league to join the Association, yet despite that fact, they have more AF Registered Coaches than any other Association league.  With 16 teams in the Circus, 7 of the League’s coaches have taken the opportunity to register and join the AFCU, a rate far higher than any other league.  The Circus’s AFCU membership includes: Mighty Pats, Scarlett The Red, Coach Crash, Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff, Tmande, Bob, and BallHawk.

There are all sorts of perks to being a Registered Coach or AFCU member and the registration process is simple and free, and only takes about 5 minutes of your time.   Registration puts you onto the AF Coaches Registry with a Coach’s Card that includes all of your accolades and is full of information that you get to customize so that interested opponents can look you up and get an idea of who they’re up against when they face you.  Besides locking in their AF Username so that no other coaches can use it, Registered Coaches are also ranked by career Association win-loss percentage, so, if you want to really make a name for yourself, here’s the best way to get acknowledgement in the Association.  The AFCU is currently holding an open registration period, you can read more about that here, or you can sign up here.

The Fantasy Circus is a rather unique league.  With 16 teams that are divided into two groups of 8, playing a group round robin in weeks 1-7.  After that, only the top four teams in each group get to advance to round two, and the teams that are eliminated have their rosters released onto waivers.  After another round robin in weeks 8-14, the top 4 teams once again, advance, this time to a Championship Round Robin, while the players on the eliminated teams are once more released to waivers.  Making the league even more challenging is the use of a waiver acquisition budget (WAB) that teams build based on their weekly points totals.  It bills itself as “the greatest fantasy league on Earth” and it just may be.

By League Rules, the return of 9 or more teams from the previous season – which has not yet happened – will trigger the conversion of the Circus to a prize league with a $520 prize pot, shared by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams.  With 7 AF Registered Coaches, the odds are high that all 7 will return, meaning the return of just 2 additional teams will be the start of an exciting new era in the Circus, so it’s the perfect time for interested teams to sign on to the Fantasy Circus waiting list to grab any open slots for the 2017 season.  You can get more information on AF’s Fantasy Circus at the Circus League Page or see the full league rules at the League Rules Page, and then you can add your name to the waiting list at Circus Tickets 2017.  Grab your popcorn and peanuts, and get ready for the biggest fantasy football event under the big top.