League 28 Returns

LEAGUE 28 – As the NFL draft approaches, blue chip prospects are hoping to find that big payday, and likewise, fantasy players are beginning to turn their attention to the 2017 fantasy season, hoping to land a big payday of their own.  Associated Fantasy is happy to help out with that, announcing the return of their celebrated, high stakes League 28.  After a single season hiatus in 2016, League 28 returns with all the action and excitement you’ve come to expect from an Associated Fantasy league, along with a 1 in 8 shot at winning a thousand bucks!

League 28 Rosters

With 8 teams and 20 starters, League 28 combines the stud-collecting aspects of a small league with the barrel-scraping depth of a large one.  A 28 round draft kicks things off on the final Monday night before the NFL season begins….that’s right, 28 rounds, and since it’s only an 8 team operation, there’s no waiting around, watching all the players you want to target fly off the board.  Like any other small league, teams in League 28 are able to draft a lion’s share of top players, but unlike most small leagues, in League 28, teams will also need to excel at the back end of the draft, and will finally have the chance to start their sleeper picks alongside their studs.  Starting rosters for this exciting league are: 2 QB, 3 RB, 6 WR, 3 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE FLEX, 2 K, and 2 TEAM DEF

The season proceeds with a double round robin schedule in weeks 1-14; add/drops are conducted through a revolving waiver system with no add/drop limits; and there are no trades.  Instead of a traditional playoff set-up, League 28 takes the #1 and #2 teams at the end of the regular season and let’s them face off in a best 2 out of 3 Championship Series for an edge-of-your-seat finish to the season: 1st place – $1000;  2nd place – $28….welcome to League 28

It’s also your chance to put it on the line and really bet on yourself and your fantasy skills.  With a $128.50 entry fee, it’s not for everyone, certainly not the faint of heart, but it’s also a relatively cheap wager for a 1 in 8 chance at winning a cool grand.  So, are you any good?  Ready to swim in the deep end?  Then take the plunge into League 28.  You can check out the League 28 LeaguePage, or look over the League Rules.  Use the form below get more info or to reserve your spot; entry fees are not due until the end of July, so what are you waiting for?