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ASSOCIATED FANTASY – Are you the kind of fantasy fanatic that wants to do more than just manage a team or two or ten?  Ever wanted to do more in your league than just setting your weekly line-up?  Are you a ‘fantasy expert’ that thinks you’ve got the goods to deliver fantasy advice, rankings, sleeper picks?  If so, Associated Fantasy has a place for you. wants to bring its Association members a bigger, better, more well rounded and more complete product, in an effort to deliver an even more exciting fantasy experience…….and we need your help for that.  We are looking for volunteers that want to help in any way they think they can to enhance the AF family.  This is an all hands on deck type of call to action, whatever you think you can bring to the table to make the Association, the website, or its Leagues better, we’ll take it.

Any ideas you might have for what you can contribute to AF, let’s try it out to see how it goes, and you can get involved as much or as little as you want.  Want to be a part of the team, but don’t have any ideas? Below are just some of the things we’re looking for.

  • Assistant League Manager/League Statistician – At AF, we like to keep stats and records for our leagues. We do this because, although essentially meaningless, they’re fun for league teams to see and look at. They also provide an additional benchmark of competition for teams’ bragging rights in addition to just a win-loss record.  If you’d like to step up in helping to keep track of your leagues stats on a weekly basis, issuing weekly awards,  and/or keeping your league’s AF records pages up to date, we can certainly use the help.  This would require as much or as little as you’re willing to put in to lend a helping hand.  Additionally, since it doubles as an Asst LM title, you’ll also be helping out with answering message board questions and being a sounding board with the League’s LM on new ideas or any problems that might pop up in the league.  If you’re interested, submit the form below to get more details on what kind of stat keeping is needed in the league you’re interested in.
  • Assistant League Manager/League Reporter – If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already familiar with the posts AF puts out during the season on the individual leagues.  We try to put at least one update out weekly on each league, but that doesn’t always work out as planned.  Having individual League Reporters would help.  There are always storylines going on, even in the world of fake football – big match-ups, upsets, trades, stat corrections that alter the outcome of close games, etc.  As a League’s reporter, you can play up those storylines, bring a little fun as well as information to the rest of the league.  Like the League Statistician position above, this would require as much or as little time as you’re willing to put into it; want to post a story every week (or more)?  Great.  Only have the time to post one periodically?  Well that helps too.  Also, like the League Statistician, the League reporter would double as an Asst LM as well so you’d have the opportunity to help shape the league with the LM.
  • Combine the Two – If you’re feeling particularly  enthusiastic about volunteering for your league, you can volunteer to combine both League Statistician and League Reporter into one, and, again, give it as much time as you can, because it all helps.


  • Pre Season Articles – If you’re like most fantasy players, you spend the weeks and months leading up to the season diving into articles from the experts to try to get an edge on your competition.  How many times have you read one of those articles and found yourself disagreeing completely with the writer’s opinion.  We all have our own ideas each season on who will break out and who will bust, on how to best approach the draft, on sleepers to target, injury risks to avoid, and on all of the dozens of things that go into planning a successful season.  Why not share those ideas?  Now’s your chance to play the expert.  The off season is long, and we all just want to read about football as we start to think about the coming season.  Write 1 article,or write a hundred, if you write it, we’ll post it.  It’s that simple.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, and we can help with the editing and formatting, providing pictures and graphics, etc….or, you can take full control.  Profile a player(s) you think people should target, or avoid; do a mock draft and analyze the results, make a few predictions and establish yourself as a fantasy fortune teller.
  • Weekly/Semi Weekly Fantasy Advice Column – If you’ve tried your hand at a pre-season article or two, and you enjoyed it and want to continue, we’d like to suggest you have your own column at AF that extends weekly, or even just periodically (all on your schedule) through the season.  Want to do a start/sit column?  Weekly rankings? Fantasy strategy?  All of them would be great.  Have an idea of your own?  Fantastic, with your own column you could run with it.  Like the one-off articles above, you could put as much or as little as you want into it; you could just write it up and email it, and we’ll do the rest, or we could set you up on the webpage so you have full control over pictures, graphics, etc – it’s easier than you might think, if you can work the tools in your email, you can handle posting to the page just as easily.  This is your chance to show the rest of the Association how much of an expert you are; your own byline, logo, and a catchy name for your column.  Just imagine the big, fat “I told you so” you can write the week after a sleeper player you wrote about the week before goes off for a hundred yards and a pair TD’s!

  • Tournament CoordinatorsAF is looking for member players who want to run their own tournaments under the AF banner.  Remember, what makes our Tournaments different from our Leagues is that they’re not necessarily recurring, so there’s no commitment beyond a single season.   You can opt to run one of our existing formats, or, if you’ve got your own idea for one, you could do that.  We can ease you into it, so you won’t feel overwhelmed, but once you’re up and running, you’d have full control over the tournament as well as its AF pages.  Got an idea, but not sure if you could pull it off? Let’s talk, and see where it goes.
  • AF’s Pick-’em Rodeo Coordinator or Asst Coordinator – In the 2016 season, Associated Fantasy introduced it’s Pick-’em Rodeo – a weekly NFL Pick-’em group – to a huge amount of interest.  We’re looking for an AF manager to take the baton and run with it for 2017.  All it would entail is putting together a simple weekly graphic of the Top 10 (or 15 or 20) of the group standings to be posted on the AF homepage.  It’s easier than it sounds, we’ll provide the graphic, you’ll just need to put in about 15 minutes of data entry per week – if you can operate MS Word, you can handle it.
  • Addicts After Hours Tournament Coordinator – In the 2015-16 off-season, AF‘s flagship Fantasy Addicts League broke new ground with an entirely new face to fantasy football.  By awarding points for real life events like trades and contract renewals and scandals and arrests, Fantasy Addicts launched Addicts After Hours as a way for league teams to keep playing fantasy football (sorta’) through the entire off-season.  You can read more about it by following the link above (and also take a look at the 2015-16 Scoring Page).  If the idea sounds interesting to you, let’s talk about it.  What it really needs is an overhaul of the scoring categories and some brainstorming to make it a little more interactive for the teams involved.  We’d like to find someone that wants to run with the idea and improve it, and we’ll open it up to teams from across the Association.
  • Playoff Fantasy League CoordinatorAF is looking for one of their managers with experience playing playoff fantasy to take the lead in creating an annual league/group for the NFL playoff season that would be open to all Association teams and could be a yearly grand finale for the Association‘s managers to all compete against each other in.

  • Association Social Media DirectorAF has a very small, underutilized presence on Facebook, and no Twitter.  We simply don’t have the time to focus on that side of things.  But maybe you do.  We’d love to have one of our managers with an aptitude for it, volunteer for the post and work their magic, growing our presence and member interaction.
  • SEO Help – If any of our Association managers has any kind of web experience they’d be kind enough to donate, we’ll certainly accept it.  Anything that improves the website, improves the experience for all member teams and managers.

Did we miss anything? Probably, but if you have any ideas not listed above, use the form below and let us know.  If you’re interested in anything that is listed above, or even if you’re not sure but might be interested, use the form below and contact us for more information to help make up your mind.  At Associated Fantasy, our goal has always been to develop an online community of fantasy players that are part of something bigger than our individual leagues; you can help.  There’s no commitment involved with submitting the form below, it only lets us know you may have some interest, so check all lines that may apply and we’ll start the conversation.