Open Registration Period

ASSOCIATED FANTASY – The Open Registration Period for signing up as an AF Registered Coach is now open and set to go on throughout the spring and summer of the off-season until a closing date set for July 31.  There are all sorts of perks to being a registered coach and the registration process is simple and free, and only takes about 5 minutes of your time.   Registration puts you onto the AF Coaches Registry with a Coach’s Card that includes all of your accolades and is full of information that you get to customize so that interested opponents can look you up and get an idea of who they’re up against when they face you.  Registered coaches are also ranked by career Association win-loss percentage, so, if you want to really make a name for yourself, here’s the best way to get acknowledgement in the Association.

When you register, you’ll get to pick an AF Username, which is what you’ll be referred by in any AF stories that reference any of the teams you manage (nothing like publicity, right?).  It’s a chance to put a little of your personality behind your AF Team(s), and whatever name you register with will be yours exclusively and won’t be able to be used by any other Association coaches.  Take Bob, for example, simple and to the point, and oh, so sorry to any other Bob’s out there, but as far as Associated Fantasy goes, there’s only 1 Bob.  On the other end of the spectrum, you can use your Username to give some vivid color to your Association identity, like Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff – a name that’s a legend waiting to be written.

Want more perks?  Did you see those links in the paragraph above?  Did you click them?  That’s right, every mention of a registered coach on the AF website will be linked to bring readers straight to your coach’s card.  Win a big game, lead your league in scoring, win AF Rookie of the Year like the 2016 winner Wade Bodiford, and the post that tells the story about it will link directly to you on the registry.

There are some more practical perks, as well.  First, registering with AF as a coach is a prerequisite to registering your team(s).  Registering teams is never required, but carries some perks of its own, namely, inclusion on the Team Registry, and you can take a look at that here.  Also, Registered Coaches get bumped up the waiting list if they’re in line for an opening in one of AF’s leagues, and finally, being a registered coach is a prerequisite for joining certain tournaments and leagues planned for the future that will be exclusive to registered coaches.  That’s why the open registration period is so important, after July 31, coaches will have to wait until next season to register, possibly missing out on their chance to get into one of these leagues or tournaments.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free, quick, and easy; you can visit the Registration Page for more details and a line by line guide to the registration form or, just use the form below.