Association Rookie of the Year

ASSOCIATED FANTASY – With the NFL draft upcoming, fantasy players everywhere begin to turn their attention to the rookie players and finding the ones that might make a difference on their fantasy teams.  At AF, we take this time to look at rookies as well; our own.  On the AF Coaches Registry, coaches and team managers in their first year in the Association are denoted in green.  These coaches become eligible for the honor of being named the Association Rookie of the Year.  For the 2016 season, there were 6 such registered coaches in the registry and based on his 2016 season performance, Associated Fantasy has named Coach Wade Bodiford as the Association Rookie of the Year.

The Andalusia Arrows were the 2016 regular season leaders with a 16-6-0 record in The Dixie League


Coach Bodiford’s Andulusia Arrows compiled a 16-6-0 regular season record – best in their league – in double header play (8-3 in direct scheduling) before losing the Western League Championship Series in their inaugural season in The Dixie.  They placed second in the league in total scoring, behind only the League Champs, and third in the league in total touchdowns, behind only the League Champions and League Runner-Up.  With a career Association record of 16-8-0 (including playoffs), coach Bodiford’s AF win percentage of .670 through the 2016 season puts them in third place by win percentage of all of the Association‘s Registered Coaches.  Congratulations Coach, 2016 was your year.