AF Pro Bowl Set to Return for 2018 Season

AF PRO BOWL – Many have noticed that the ballots for the AF Pro Bowl Tournament did not go out in the latter half of the 2016 season.  After Coach Roger Tripp‘s Birds of Prey of the Super 16 won the inaugural AF Pro Bowl Tournament, AF revealed that the Tournament would be taking a 1 year hiatus.  As such, there were no 2016 nominees or finalists, and there is no tournament set to run in the 2017 season.  However, the Association announced today that plans are in the works to bring the elite competition back in 2018 with a slightly revamped format, promising that it will be both streamlined and more exciting.  An as yet unknown number of nominees will be selected by AF staff after Week 10 of the 2017 season, and all Association teams will again have the opportunity to vote for who they’d like to see in the 2018 Tournament, so look for the excitement to ramp up then.