Who’s The Best? AF Team and Coaches Registry Updated

ASSOCIATED FANTASY – The Associated Fantasy Team and Coaches Registries have been updated through the 2016 season and all team and coach records and accolades on the Registries are now current and up to date for the start of 2017.

The list of AF Registered Coaches, when ranked by career win percentage, is topped by Roger Tripp with a pct of .690, followed closely by Rox with a .685 win pct.    Both coaches hold the distinction of being AF Gold Star coaches, having each reached the benchmark of 50 wins with a single AF team, each of them accomplishing the feat at the very end of the 2016 fantasy season.

Topping the list of AF Registered Teams when ranked by win percentage are the New Orleans Black Hats who have an all-time win percentage of .680 and a history that includes two Conference Championships and 3 trips to the League Championship.

The AF Coach and Team Registries can be reached through the links in this story or by navigating directly to them from the top menu.  AF Registered Teams lock their team name and logo so that other teams in other leagues can never use them, while Registered Coaches not only lock up their coaching name, but also get bumped up waiting lists to join leagues, get first option to enter when new tournaments open, and become eligible for leagues and tournaments that are exclusive to registered Coaches.  For many though, the biggest benefit is being ranked on the registries after each season to measure their success against their peers.

If you play in an Associated Fantasy league, and you have not yet either registered as a coach or registered your team, you can do so with at links below.  Registration is free, and it only takes about 5 minutes.  (Please note that Registered Coaches must register each of their teams individually if they wish for them to be ranked on the Registered Teams list)

There are numerous benefits to registration (listed in part, above), and now is the perfect time, as the 2017 open-registration period is going on through the summer.  Once the fantasy preseason begins, you’ll have to wait till next season to get your team and your record onto the registry, and you may miss a chance to play in any leagues or tournaments in 2017 if they are restricted to just registered coaches, so register today.

You can get more information or fill out the registration at the following links:

AF Coaches Registration 
AF Team Registration