Rox Adds Offense, Defense OTY to their 2016 Awards

FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – Bringing the 2016 season to a close for the Association, the Fantasy Addicts League has presented their year-end awards, and On The Rox has added to their already long list of accomplishments for the season, taking home both the Offense and Defense of the Year honors.  With the 2016 stats compiled and released, Rox topped the league in both the categories of total offense as well as total defense, and by a good margin, particularly on offense.  The 2015 Addicts  2016-spt-summaryChampion, Apex Predators prevented an awards sweep, taking Special Teams of the Year for the second consecutive season.  The special teams statistics track points by teams’ starting kicker and team defense combined, and have only been tracked for the past 2 seasons, but Apex Predators captured the top spot in each of them.  The Predators’ SpT totals this year of 249.00 SpT points, fall short of their league record of 284.00, but nonetheless, will be good enough to install them with the #2 spot in the record books as well.

2016-offense-summaryOffensively, On The Rox was literally spectacular, becoming the first team in league history to top 2000 points of total offense.  They finished with 2188.00 offensive points, over 200 points more than second best, Orange Lantern Corps1981.00, and almost the same 200 points better than Black Sheep‘s 2013 all-time record of 1996.00 (2013).  Rox was named Offense of the Week 6 times over the course of the season, and were within the top three scoring offenses on 3 other occasions.  They now hold the league record for total offense (season).

2016-defense-summaryOn defense, On The Rox was not quite as dominant, but still finished first in the league by over a hundred point margin, their 1864.00 defensive points beating out Black Sheep (1755.50) and Orange Lantern Corps (1744.00), the seasons number 2 and 3 defensive squads, comfortably.  Three times they held Defense of the Week honors as the top scoring defense, and were the only team besides The Great Khalil that never failed to reach at least 100 defensive points in every single week.  The 1864.00 defensive points they posted gets them to number 3 on the all-time defensive scoring record.

The Offense of the Year and Defense of the Year awards, cap of a list of accolades On The Rox earned through the 2016 season including the Addicts’ Ladder Championship for their #1 regular season finish, the Addicts’ League Championship that had slipped through their grasp each season before, the Association’s Gold Star Award for their 50th career win, and a season finish as the #1 team in the Association as ranked by the AF Top 25.  Upon accepting the end of season awards, AF Registered Coach, Rox acknowledged his 2016 record setting team from the podium,

“The work you put in is greatly appreciated.  It was a great season, wire to wire and to have it all play out the way it did with the regular season – the new rival in Orange Lantern Corp, the AF TOP 25 #1, and finally the all elusive championship, my white whale…SICK!  I thank the Association every year for the original invite to FFAA, but it definately feels a little bit better this year.   Thanks again, already looking forward to the 2017 draft.”

Full, week by week stats can be viewed at: Fantasy Addicts 2016 Stats