Devils, Dragons Honored in World League

WFL Logo 2016WORLD LEAGUE – Closing out the 2016 season, the World Fantasy League this week singled out two teams, the World Champion Dacusville Devils (9-4-0 (3-0), 1715.80) and the Western Conference runner-up Los Angeles Dragons (10-3-0 (0-1) 1388.00), for distinction with end of the season awards.

MVT Award

2016 Most Valuable Team (MVT)

2016 Most Valuable Team (MVT) Dacusville Devils

To go along with their 2016 World Championship and its Atlas Trophy, the Dacusville Devils were named the recipient of the 2016 League MVT Award.  The League MVT –Most Valuable Team – is awarded to the team with the statistically strongest, or most valuable, roster.  The league uses a formula to calculate roster power ratings for every team in the league, and names the team with the highest rated roster the season’s League MVT.  Teams receive 5 points each for every All-Conference player on their roster, 3 points each for the number of players on their roster that finish the season in the top 3 (based on season points) at each position, and 2 points each for the number of players on their roster that finish in the top 10 at each position.  Teams are also credited for total season points, with the league’s highest scoring team receiving a 12, the second highest, an 11, and so on in descending order.  Those values are added together to produce the roster power rating (the full list of the WFL’s 2016 Roster Power Ratings are at left).

2016-roster-power-ratingsDacusville just barely edged out their World Bowl competitor, the Scandinavia Stars, for the award, the teams’ ratings totaling 47 and 45, respectively.  Both had 4 All Conference players on their rosters (3 starters each), but Dacusville had 4 top 3 finishers at their positions, while the Stars had only 3, leaving  them rated slightly lower.  The Stars and Devils were the #1 and #2 scoring teams in the league for 2016, and incidentally, Scandanavia was the 2015 season League MVT.

Coach of the Year

2016 Coach of the Year Los Angeles Dragons

Also honored, was AF Registered Coach Joey Drakar of the Los Angeles Dragons who was named the 2016 Coach of the Year.  The Dragons entered the 2016 season as the defending World Champions,  and proceeded to post a 10 win season, including a record breaking 8 game win-streak.  They entered the playoffs as the number one seed, with the Western Confence’s first round bye (for the second consecutive year), but lost in the Conference Championship to the eventual World Bowl winner, Dacusville – their second loss to the Devils this season.  In naming a coach of the year, the league takes a team’s VsL % – the theoretical win-loss percentage of a team’s record if every team in the league played every other team each week –  and multiplies it by 1000 then subtracts the total season differential in fantasy points between a team’s starting and ideal lineup (found under ‘Coach Ranking’ in the league’s standings).  That sum is added to a value for teams’ total season points (120 for highest season points, 110, for second highest, and so on in descending order).  The final numbers are ranked as Coaching Points, and the coach with the highest score is named Coach of the Year.

2016-coach-ratingsCoach Drakar’s Dragons, destroyed the competition for the Award this year, with a VsL % of .660, the second lowest points differential between starting and ideal line-ups through the entire season, and the third highest points total in the League for a finishing Coaches Rating of 577.28, almost a hundred points higher than the second place Dublin Bay Prawns’ Coach David.  Coincidentally, last season’s Coach of the Year, Coach Alexander of the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs, also entered the playoffs with the Western Conference‘s first round bye and also lost in the Conference Championship to the eventual Champion – the Los Angeles Dragons

Associated Fantasy would like to extend a very special congratulations to each of these coaches and teams for their excellence.