AF Top 25 of 2017


AF Top 25AF TOP 25 – The final AF Top 25 of the 2017 season with results through Week 17 have been tabulated and released with the Fantasy Addicts‘ Champion On The Rox taking first overall as the number 1 team in the Association with an incredible .870 final VsL win percentage.  On The Rox’s final numbers are the highest ever in the history of the Top 25, finishing with a Vs-League record of 97-19-1(35-1), which, put into perspective, means their 2017 week to week performance was such that they On The Rox2outscored all other teams in the Fantasy Addicts 87% of the time through the entire season.  Their league Championship marked their 50th all-time win and crowned them the #1 team in the Fantasy Addicts, but their #1 placement on the final Top 25 crowns them the #1 team in the Association among 86 qualifying league teams.  Read more about their phenomenal 2017 campaign here.

Sanford CeleryfedsComing in at #2 are the Dixie League Champion Sanford Celeryfeds with a final VsL rating of  68-29-2(44-1) for a .780 win percentage.  The Celeryfeds got hot at the right time, building on a solid first half of the season to explode in the latter portions, sweeping both the Dixie’s Eastern League Championship Series and the Dixie League Championship Series in 2 games each.

pats-and-cheeseFinishing at numbers 3 and 4 are the Fantasy Circus Champion and runner up, Mighty Pats (Circus) and Cutlering the Cheese who post final VsL win percentages of .770 and .720, respectively.  The Fantasy Circus does not have a championship match, but rather uses a round robin Championship Tournament to crown their Ringmaster by standings, and this pair finished tied at 2-1, with the League Championship being awarded to the Pats based on a mere 9 point advantage.

New Orleans Black Hats - 2015; Dixie League Runner-Up 2015

Rounding out the top 5 is the Dixie League runner up New Orleans Black Hats who lost to the #2 Celeryfeds two games in a row to finish the season with a VsL record of 58-35-9(41-4) for a .720 win percentage to tie with Cutlering The Cheese for 4th.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, the Black Hats have lost the last three consecutive Dixie League Championships.

The Top 25 rankings are based on VsL% (Vs League) and are calculated by dividing for win percentage, a team’s W-L-T record if that team had played every other team in its league each week.  Teams that are in the playoffs, have their VsL calculated slightly differently from regular season calculations.  Playoff teams’ VsL% is calculated by attributing non-playoff teams with a score of 0 (giving playoff teams an automatic VsL win against non-playoff teams).  Playoff wins are given credit as VsL wins over playoff losses even if the score value is lower, and playoff losses are given credit as VsL wins over lower scoring losses. Playoff BYEs are counted as a win with the VsL value equal to the team’s seeding (ie a #1 seeded playoff bye, counts as a win vs all other teams in the league; a #2 seeded BYE counts as a VsL win vs all teams except the #1 seed, etc). This means teams greatly improve upon their regular season rankings the deeper into the playoffs they go

The full Top 25 can be viewed below, and can also be viewed at the “Top 25” tab.

Teams run by AF Registered Coaches have their coaches listed below the team.

Arrows indicate movement up or down the list from the prior week’s list; double up arrows indicate team was not on the prior week’s list

Playoff VsL record in ( )

(C) indicates team has won League Championship

Rank Team VsL% VsL Record League Change
1 On The Rox C

 – Rox

.870 97-19-1(35-1) Addicts
2 Sanford Celeryfeds C .780 68-29-2(44-1) Dixie
3 Mighty Pats  C

 – Mighty Pats

.770 112-41-1(41-4) Circus
4 Cutlering the Cheese .720 102-51-1(41-4) Circus ↑2
4 New Orleans Black Hats

 – Coach Crash

.720 58-35-9(41-4) Dixie
6 Cardiff Crusaders .710 82-34-1 (13-5) IFFL ↓1
6 Insane Clowney Posse .710 80-52-0(52-3) LoD ↑2
8 Suspension Freaks C .700 84-47-1 (47-8) LoD ↑1
8 Gig City KnightHawks


.700 72-31-2 Circus ↓2
10 Dacusville Devils C .680 91-52-0 (29-4) WFL ↓1
10 The Dawg Pound

 – meigzoh

.680 129-65-1(24-6) S16 ↓1
10 Los Angeles Dragons

 –Joey Drakar

.680 94-49-0 (19-3) WFL ↓1
10 Sleeper Agent .680 83-48-1(37-7) LoD ↓1
10 Andalusia Arrows

 –Wade Bodiford

.680 63-28-9(14-6) Dixie ↓1
15 Who Dat Saints .670 116-78-1(44-1) S16
15 Orange Lantern Corp

 –Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff

.670 71-46-0(32-4) Addicts ↑1
17 Northern Fins – going south C .640 110-84-1(43-2) S16
17 1 Eye Til I Die .640 125-70-0 S16
17 Scandinavian Stars .640 80-63-0 (33-2) WFL
17 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.640 72-45-0(15-3) Addicts
21 Birds of Prey

 – Roger Tripp

.630 123-71-1 S16
21 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.630 75-56-1(35-7) LoD
23 Charleston’s Franchise Playerz C .600 60-56-1(32-4) IFFL ↑↑
23 Steel Curtain .600 116-79-0(11-4) S16
25 Ladies and Edelman .590 62-43-0 Circus