The World Champion Dacusville Devils


WFL Logo 2016WORLD LEAGUE – coming up big in every big game this season, World Bowl 5 was no exception for the Dacusville Devils, torching the Scandinavia Stars 150-112 for the World League Title.  Led by the Brady-to-Nelson Combo for 43 total points, Dez Bryant and LeSean McCoy also scored over 20 apiece as the Devil’s offense produced 10 total touchdowns, with 4 field goals thrown in.  The Stars quarterback, Rodgers, had a 40 point day, but the rest of the Scandinavian offense just didn’t produce.  Dacusville’s 150 points were the second highest scoring performance by a team all season.

dacusvilleThe Western Conference Championship was a huge game for the Devils as well.  They slayed the defending champion Los Angeles Dragons 103-66, ending what was an 8 game win streak for the champs.  They came up big in a Week 2 meeting of the two as well, 129-110, becoming the first of just 3 teams to have beaten the Dragons this season; they did it twice.  To get to the semi-final round, they first destroyed the Mexico Aztecs, 116-65, in another big game against the fourth highest scoring team in the league – behind only Scandinavia, Los Angeles, and Dacusville themselves.

The Wild Card Round came after finishing 9-4-0 – second in the standings, and second in total points.  They beat Dublin Bay, and beat Old England twice in the regular season – the other two Eastern Conference teams in the playoffs.  The only real blemish on their season record came in Week 9 when they faced the Stars for their regular season match-up and lost 96-118.  The Devils collected on that debt in World Bowl 5 to, not only become World Champions, but also to be named the host City for World Bowl 6.