Final Eliminations in Points Race Tournaments


AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – The final eliminations have been made in both the Points Race – OPEN and the Points Race – Invitational leaving the last two contenders in each tournament, in a mad dash to the Week 17 finish.  In the OPEN, the Trojborg Tuskers come up short, finishing the season in 3rd place overall with an 1826.28 season points total.  That’s quite a bit better than there 9th place (755.14) finish in last season’s Race.  Impin’ Ain’t Easy and 4th down and Inches remain, with 4th and Inches moving into first, overtaking the Imps who’ve led the field for practically the whole season.  The two are separated by a margin of just 20 points and will sprint down the home stretch over the next two weeks.

In the Invitational, it’s curtains for Fidelio, the defending 2015 Tournament Champion.  They finish in 3rd place with a final points total of 1783.03 for the 2016 season.  The 2015 OPEN champion, Mighty Pats, and 4-time tournament veteran LUNIZ are the final two squads, sperated by 67 points.  LUNIZ had leapt from 5th all the way into 1st place after Week 14, but Mighty Pats has now taken the lead.  A 4th Flex position has been added to the starting line-ups for them, with a 5th to follow next week as the two of them have access to every player in the league as they each try to put up bigger numbers than the other over the final two weeks of competition.