2016 Lion Tamers Named In Fantasy Circus


Fantasy Circus Logo 2.0FANTASY CIRCUS – The final act has arrived in AF’s Fantasy Circus as the 16 performers for 2016 have been culled down to just 4 teams entering the lion’s den that is the Round 3 Championship.  Round 2 finished with the conclusion of Week 14, and the bottom 4 teams of the 8 that advanced from Round 1, have been eliminated, leaving the top 4 that remain to advance to a final, championship round robin bracket.  The 2016 Lion Tamers are: Cutlering the Cheese (6-1-0/7-0-0), Mighty Pats (5-2-0/6-1-0), Scarlett Starlets (5-2-0/4-3-0), and Sock Bandits (4-3-0/4-3-0)


Finishing with the #1 seed, Cutlering the Cheese advances with a perfect 7-0 Round 2 record, surviving a Week 14 scare from King George Bluto’s in a 33-30 match to keep their record spotless.  Mighty Pats fills the #2 seed, after also having spent much of the season ranked #2 of all Association teams on the AF Top 25.  In the #3 seed, AF Registered Coach Scarlett the Red’s Scarlett Starlets returns as the only veteran team of the Lion’s Den, having finished 4th overall in last season’s final round, and the League Commisioner’s Sock Bandits is the #4 after going out in Round 1 in 2015.

AF’s Fantasy Circus uses neither a playoff or a championship game to determine their League Champion.  Instead, these four will play a single round robin schedule in the remaining weeks of 2016 – weeks 15, 16, and 17 – and at the end of that, the teams’ records within that 3 week circular firing squad will determine the 2016 Ringmaster.  If teams happen to tie their records within the final round, a combination of Ropund 3 head-to-heads, total Round points, and total season points are used to break the tie and produce a champion.  Get your popcorn and souvenirs, the final act is ready to begin.


Round 3/Championship Bracket