Elimination Armageddon


AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – Week 14 was a blood-bath in the double-double eliminations that have happened in the AF Points Race Tournaments.  After a statutory tie last week – the two last place teams falling within a margin of 10 points of each other – double eliminations were scheduled for this week in both the Points Race – OPEN and the Points Race – Invitational.  Double Elims at this point in the season means a massive 45 players – lots of them studs – in each tournament were released onto waivers from the eliminated teams’ rosters.

In the Points Race – OPEN, the race is over for Kobra Kai Dojo and the High Flyers who finish the season with 1592.68 and 1634.47 points, respectively.  Three teams now remain in the race, with 4th down and Inches in 3rd place only 6 points back from second place the Trojborg Tuskers, but the OPEN tournament’s first place Impin’ Ain’t Easy is over 75 points ahead of them both – still in a position to be caught, but with a decided edge.

Over in the prestigious Invitational edition of the Points Race, race veteran LUNIZ had a massive 200 point weekend, jumping from last place all the way up into first, leaving MonStarZ and RuineR on the chopping block.  MonStarz finishes the season in fifth with 1594.15 points, and RuineR bows out with a total of 1606.71 season points.  The three teams that remain, LUNIZ, Mighty Pats(PR-I), and 2015 Tournament Champion Fidelio are separated by a margin of just 32 points going into the final three weeks, so this year’s race will certainly be a photo finish.

With 42 players in each tournament released onto waivers for the remaining teams to vulture, the list of studs that will be available is too long to list.  With only three teams remaining to target  the available talent, the focus now shifts to some important start/sit type decisions for the surviving teams.  They all pretty much have their choice of player, but who to play among the best of the best becomes the true challenge from here on out.  At the conclusion of Week 15, the third place team in each tournament will be eliminated, their players released to waivers, and the two remaining teams will compete in Weeks 16 and 17 to see who crosses the finish line with the highest total.  Should there be another statutory tie after Week 15 is complete, there will be no elimination until the last place team falls beyond the 10 point margin.