Immaculate Stat Correction


S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – They say it’s better to be lucky than good, but most NFL fans know the Raiders don’t know much about that, as is the case with the S-16‘s Raider franchise 1 Eye Til I Die.  A better mantra for 1 Eye might be the tried and true, ‘if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all’, going all the way back to the infamous Tie Game of 2015.  The latest blow suffered by the Super 16 black and silver will be just as hard to bear.

After finishing the 2016 regular season as the #2 overall scoring franchise in the league, 1 Eye just barely made it into the post season as the #6 seed, due to a 7-6-0 record and too many matches being beaten by the schedule monster.  In their season finale, they defeated division rival Arizona by just a 4 and a half point margin of victory to slide into the playoffs as the final team.  Or did they?  As stat corrections began rolling in during the course of the week, 1 Eye saw their lead first expand to 6 and a half points, but then, before stat corrections were finalized on Thursday, their win had been reversed as the lead switched hands and the Arizona Firebirds stole a victory with a final, final score of 255.00-253.50 just a point and a half.

The win does nothing for Arizona who still finish in 13th place overall, despite extending their late season win streak to 5 games, but the implications of the loss were huge for 1 Eye.  Losing the season finale altered their final record from 7-6-0 to 6-7-0 and dropped them all the way down from 6th place to 10th (based on total points) and out of the playoffs.  The change bumped expansion squad Steel Curtain up from 7th place into the playoff #6 seed thanks to their 2526 total points which bested all other 7-6-0 teams.  They will face The Dawg Pound this week, joining The Eagle has landed and the Los Angeles Super Chargers for the 2016 1st round of the playoffs, which now includes 6 all new squads from 2015’s field of competitors.