On The Rox – Ladder Champs 2nd Year Straight


FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – For the second consecutive season, On The Rox is the Regular Season Ladder Champ in the Fantasy Addicts League, finishing with a final record of 10-3-0 and a final points total of 4260.50more than 400 points higher than they finished in 2015 when they accomplished the same feat.  The Fantasy Addicts uses a unique Ladder Schedule for the final portion of their regular season.  Once a single round robin is completed in the league after Week 9, the schedule is redrawn each week, with match-ups based on the standings.  In weeks 10, 11, 12, and 13 once standings are tabulated from the previous week’s results, teams are entered into match-ups that pit #1 vs #2, #3 vs #4, #5 vs #6, #7 vs #8, and #9 vs #10 for the coming weekend.  Teams toward the bottom of the field that win, can climb the ladder to try to get themselves into the playoffs, while teams at the top – like On The Rox was – must be able to endure a continual onslaught from the best of the league in order to remain king of the mountain.

On The Rox tied rival monkeys on ecstasy for all-time wins with their Week 13 victory. They now have a slight edge in win percentage while monkeys have the advantage in total points

On The Rox tied rival monkeys on ecstasy for all-time wins with their Week 13 victory. They now have a slight edge in win percentage while monkeys have the advantage in total points

Rox survived the ladder, winning 3 of the four matches, beating Mighty Pats twice while they were ranked #2, and then splitting a pair of games vs Orange Lantern Corp once they moved into second place.  The Week 13 victory over the Lanterns, 286-277, marks AF Registered Coach Rox‘s 48th victory in the Fantasy Addicts, tying them with their arch-rival monkeys on ecstasy for total wins over the last 5 years.   With the monkeys having a down year and not being included in the post season, Rox can surpass them with their next win.  Even more coveted by On The Rox, however, is the Fantasy Addicts Championship which has eluded them since the beginning despite regular season finishes of 1st, 6th, 3rd, and 1st over the last 4 seasons, while they’ve had to watch the monkeys win two titles over that span, losing to them head-to-head in last season’s championship.  Being ranked the #1 team in the Association on the AF Top 25 since Week 7, this very well could be their year.


Facing off as the #2 and #3 seeds in Week 15, Orange Lantern Corp and the Mighty Pats are the only teams to have beaten On the Rox this season

As Ladder Champions, On the Rox receives the #1 seed in the Fantasy Addicts playoffs, while the #2 and #3 seeds go to Orange Lantern Corp and Mighty Pats, who are coincidentally the only teams to have defeated On The Rox all season.  The Lanterns finish at 8-5-0/ 3897 pts, giving them the total points slot in the Addicts’ new playoff format, beating out the Pats, who finished 8-5-0 / 3874 pts,  and will take the #3 spot  based on the 23 point difference in total points.  All three teams will receive a first round bye in Week 13 while the Wild Card Game is played, and in Week 15, the Lanterns and Pats, each trying to establish themselves as powerhouses in the league will face-off with each other for a place in the Fantasy Addicts 2-week championship game.  Orange Lantern Corp beat the Mighty Pats 318-277 in Week 6, the only time the two met this season.  Run by AF Registered Coaches Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff and Coach Mighty Pats,  each of them would very much like the chance to try to be Rox’s kryptonite and deny their championship quest.

Starting out the season with 5 consecutive losses, the season appeared to be over early for AF Registered Coach and 2016 Pro Bowler parkhallmark and his The Great Khalil squad, but after squeaking out a 300-289 Week 6 victory over a flailing monkeys on ecstasy, TGK went on to win their next 7 matches before being demolished by Mighty Pats in the season finale.  The 7 game run was effective enough for Khalil to climb from 7th place at the start of ladder scheduling into a 4th place finish with a 7-6-0 record to get themselves into the Wild Card Game.  They will face the WhyNots whose 3548 total season points was enough to qualify them for the final playoff spot in the Addict’s new playoff format.  The WhyNots missed the post season last year despite finishing in 4th place, because of an 11 point total points deficit and the playoff format in use at the time.  The incident was a large part of the move to the new system.  Now, each of these teams has a single shot in the week 14 Wild Card Game to go head-to-head with On The Rox for their own shot at the Fantasy Addicts title game.

The Fantasy Addicts Championship will be held in a two week, cumulative points match in Weeks 16 and 17 between the winners of the Lanterns-Pats match-up and the winner of the Rox-Wild Card Winner game.