Double-Double in the Points Races

AF Tournaments LogoTOURNAMENTS – In both the Points Race – OPEN and the Points Race – Invitational the Week 13 results end up in a statutory tie.  Because of the possibility of a mid-week stat correction altering the final scores, and to prevent a team from being wrongly eliminated, the tournament rules in both of these tournaments state that if the last and second to last place teams’ total season score falls within 10 points of each other it will be considered a tie.  In an instance of a statutory tie, NO TEAM is eliminated in that week, BUT, the following week, the last TWO teams will be eliminated.

In the OPEN4th down and Inches and the Trojborg Tuskers were the teams in second to last and last place, facing elimination.  Each of them, however,  out-performed both Kobra Kai and the High Flyers who come out of Week 13 at the bottom of the heap and separated from each other by only 3.14 points.  The Tuskers and 4th down, have only a 25 and 10 point – respectively – edge now on last place.

In the Invitational, it was even closer.  LUNIZ and MonStarZ will begin Week 14 with just 0.97 points separating the two of them, and in fact, the entire field of five surviving teams are separated from each other by only 60 total points!

These statutory ties mean a few things.  First, all teams survive and get to play on one more week, but it also means, no treasure trove of players hitting the waiver wire this week for teams to vulture, although the scheduled addition of an QB3 to the starting line-up does take place.  Also, next week should be thrilling, as TWO teams will be eliminated – in both Tournaments, and the way the score totals look, all of the five teams remaining in each are in elimination danger – should any of them have a bad week in Week 14, it’s all over.  Finally, it means that for the all teams that survive next week’s double elimination, it’s going to be like Christmas morning on the waiver wire as two rosters full of stud players get released.