World Bowl Preview


WFL Logo 2016WORLD LEAGUE – The final week of the World League has turned into a World Bowl preview with the top 4 teams facing each other across conferences.  The league #1 and defending champion Los Angeles Dragons (9-3-0) will face the #2 Scandinavian Stars (8-4-0) and the #3 Dacusville Devils (8-4-0) play the #5 Old England Patriots; all four teams have clinched a playoff spot

Los Angeles, on a league record 7 game win streak, can clinch a first round BYE with a win or a Dacusville loss, while Dacusville needs a win, a Dragons loss, and to win on season points.  If both teams win, or if both teams lose, it will come down to season points, and right now there’s only a 21 point margin between the teams.  Whichever one of them does not secure the #1 seed, will clinch the #2 seed.  The #3 seed – the Points Wild Card – in the Western Conference, will come down to either Buenos Aires or Mexico.  The pair of them are separated by less than 4 points, so whichever one out-scores the other will advance.
In the Eastern Conference, Scandinavia and Old England, as well as Dublin Bay have all secured their playoff run.  The Stars, like L.A., can clinch the BYE with a win or an old England loss.  Unlike L.A., they have a high enough points total to guarantee the #1 seed if both teams win or if both teams lose.  Old England and Dublin Bay will face whichever of the two winds up with the #2 spot.