Points Race Eliminations: Gurley, Interupted


TOURNAMENTS – The action is really starting to heat up in both the Points Race – Invitational and the Points Race – OPEN as both tournaments are down to just five teams remaining in each from a field that started 12 competitors deep.  In the Invitational, Mr steal your Gurley was eliminated in Week 12 with a final season total of 1231.25 points.  Mr Gurley was 2016’s points race virgin, a tradition of inviting a lone outside team into the competition, personally nominated by the 2015 Champion Fidelio.  Finishing in the top half of these hand picked opponents is a more than credible feat.  Exiting the race, Gurley leaves some very impressive players dumped onto the waiver wire for the surviving teams to vulture up.  They include Matthew Stafford, LeVeon Bell, Lamar Miller, Thomas Rawls, Allen Robinson, and, of course, Todd Gurley.

In the OPEN, it was rookie racer Bloopers to get the Week 12 ax.  Bloopers finishes the tournament as the 7th team eliminated with a final season total of 1267.37 points.  Though eliminated, they are currently ranked #1 overall in Associated Fantasy’s Pick-‘Em Rodeo.  They leave behind 5 teams, including 3 other points race rookies and 2 veterans.  One of those veteran teams, 4th down and Inches, is a veteran of both the OPEN and the Invitational, and could be in danger of being eliminated in next week’s action.  There’s a wealth of talent cleared to waivers from Bloopers’ team after the elimination, including Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, and Brandin Cooks.  Also eliminated from their roster are the Viking and Seahawk defenses, both could be particularly hot commodities this week considering the addition of a a slot for a second stating defense on the surviving teams’ starting line-ups.

With only five teams remaining in each of these tournaments, the rosters are going to begin to look like all-star squads…it’ll get even more exciting next week when they both drop down to just 4 teams remaining.