Legionaire’s Wild Card Set


Both Wild Card teams were awarded the Defensive Scoring Trophy for Week 12

LoD Logo whiteLEGION – In a thrilling final week in the Legion of Defense, the 2016 Premier Division Champion, Insane Clowney Posse (9-3-0), added insult to injury to last season’s Premier Champ, Sacks Fifth Avenue (5-7-0), by defeating them 57-41 and knocking them out of contention for the post season.  For the Clowns, their seat at the table was already set, having secured the Division Championship and Week 13 BYE last week, but for Sacks, the 2015 league runner-up, it was a season ending loss in the last week of regular season play.  The Posse will fill the #1 seed in the 2016 Championship Tournament (CT).

Insane Clowney Posse captured the Premier Division Championship in Week 11

Insane Clowney Posse captured the Premier Division Championship in Week 11

Second year Premier Division veteran Battering Rams (7-5-0) has slowly moved from last place in the Premier Division just a few weeks ago, to second overall to claim the Premier Wild Card slot with their 48-26 finale win over jlm loves defense (3-9-0).  Interestingly, the game was a rematch of last season’s Wild Card Game, one that the Rams lost, sending jlm into the CT and themselves into the Play-In Bracket for a second chance to be in 2016’s Premier Division.  In a meandering turn of events, the Rams lost the final match-up of the bracket to Insane Clowney Posse, who went on to lose the Premier Bowl and their shot at 2016 Premier membership to Panther on the Prowl, but with the league exit of the Panthers along with 2015 Champ Public Enemy, both the Rams and the Clowns found their way into the Premier Group this season.  Now, both have found their way into the playoffs.

Mighty Pats are the only post season team with an AF Registered Coach

Mighty Pats are the only post season team with an AF Registered Coach

In the Pro Division, the Mighty Pats (8-4-0) secured the Division Championship and the #2 seed in the Championship Tournament rather less dramatically, destroying Gates of Delirium in the season finale and leaving Chinese Bandits (7-5-0) on the outside looking in.  The Pats become the only AF Registered Coach in the 2016 Legion post season.


Week 12 Defense of the Week

The Rookie Division, so much more exciting this season than expected, ends the regular season with a bang, and with two excellent teams relegated to the Play-In Bracket.  There was a three-way, 7-4-0 standings tie going into the final weekend.  Sleeper Agent (8-4-0) recorded a decisive 64-36 victory over The Cavalry (7-5-0) to break a part of that tie, while Suspension Freaks (8-5-0) put away Animal Kingdom (5-7-0) in a 91-73 shootout in which the Freaks captured Defense of the Week honors.  With both the Sleepers and the Freaks tied at 8-4, the Division Championship went to tiebreakers.  The first tiebreaker being head-to-head, the pair split their match-ups this season 1-1.  The next tiebreaker in the order was cumulative head-to head points, giving Sleeper Agents a small edge, having outscored Suspension Freaks head-to-head by 120-105 in the two matches, making the Sleepers the 2016 Rookie Division Champions and the #3 seed in the CT.

The Freaks live on, however.  Despite losing out on the Division Crown by a mere 15 points, they still managed to put up a total of 662 points on the season, making them – by far – the highest scoring team in the Legion, and capturing the League Wild Card slot.  Coincidentally, Sleeper Agents finishes the 2016 regular season as the second highest scoring team in the Legion, but as Division Champions will enjoy a Week 13 Bye.  Suspension Freaks, though, will ride their 4 game win streak into the Week 13 Wild Card Game with the Premier Wild Card Battering Rams.  All other teams will have a BYE, and in Week 14, not only does the Championship Tournament begin – the Wild Card winner taking seed #4, but the Play-In Bracket begins as well.  All Legion teams not in the CT, including the Wild Card loser, will be seeded into this bracket for the chance to play in the Week 17 Premier Bowl vs the last place team in the CT.  The winner of that match will join the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place CT teams in the 2017 Premier Division.