Points Race Eliminations for Week 11: Socked!


Only six teams remain in each of the Points Race Tournaments after another round of eliminations

AF Tournaments LogoTOURNAMENTS – Points Race veteran, Sock Monkeys have been Socked in the Points Race – Invitational becoming the 5th team to be eliminated, and finishing their season with a final total of 1067.59 points.  Among their stud players, released into free agency are Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Antonio Brown, AJ Green, and Amari Cooper, among others.  With just six teams remaining, even the the top teams are going to be getting a crack at major talent each week as the wealth of eliminated players improves and the competition simultaneously shrinks.  Interestingly, after last week’s elimination, the two bottom teams – Sock Monkeys and Mr steal your Gurley – were separated by only 0.24 points.  Going into next week’s round of play, the bottom two teams are once again separated by less than a point.  This time it’s Mr steal your Gurley and RuineR and the difference between the two is just 0.70 points!

In the Points Race – OPEN, it was Super De Luxe on the chopping block, finishing the year with 1085.78 total season points.  Their exit from competition leaves a collection of players like Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, Le’Veon Bell, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham, with several more top playmakers, on the waiver wire for the six remaining teams to vulture.  The two last place teams going into week 12 are Points Race veteran 4th Down and Inches and tournament newcomer Bloopers who are only about 8 points apart from each other, so next week could come down to the wire.  In both tournaments, the starting position of Kicker #2 has been added for next week, and as close as the races in both tournaments are, choosing the right kicker could make all the difference.