On The Rox Still Top Shelf; The Week 10 AF Top 25


AF Top 25AF TOP 25 – The number 1 team in the Association is still the Fantasy Addict‘s On The Rox with a VsL record of 75-15-0 for an .830 VsL win percentage.  Coached by AF Registered Coach, Rox, On The Rox is the current league leader in Fantasy Addicts and also a 2016 Pro Bowl Tournament team, and not only do they hold onto their number one position on the Week 10 Top 25, but they extend their lead by 2 hundredths of a point better than their last week’s tally.  The number two team on this week’s list is again Mighty Pats of the Fantasy Circus who hold onto the spot, but fall 6 hundredths of a point to a VsL record of 92-33-1 and a .730 percentage.  Interestingly, Mighty Pats team owner, AF Registered Coach, Mighty Pats, also has an incarnation of his Mighty Pats squad in the Fantasy Addicts league (ranked #14 on the Week 10 list) that’s currently locked into a ladder schedule battle with On The Rox.

Next on the Week 10 list is #3 the Gig City KnightHawks, also of the Fantasy Circus.  Run by AF Registered Coach BallHawk, Gig City’s season is over after being eliminated at the conclusion of Round 1 in that league, but their final VsL record of 72-31-2/.700 will keep them ranked near the top until another team can surpass them.  The Cardiff Crusaders out of the IFFL climb two spots to #4 with a VsL of 61-28-1/.680 despite suffering a Week 10 upset loss and falling into second place in their league; they have still outscored the rest of the IFFL all season, more than 8% higher than their nearest challenger.  Rounding out the top 5 is a 3-way tie for fifth place between The Dawg Pound (S16) – 100-49-1/.670 (Coach meigzoh), the  Sanford Celeryfeds (DIXIE) – 59-29-2/.670 and the Andalusia Arrows (Dixie) – 56-26-8/.670 (Coach Wade Bodiford).  The Dawg Pound is currently the number one in the Super 16 and the Celeryfeds and Arrows are each making a run at the Eastern and Western Championship Series in The Dixie.

The Top 25 is tabulated throughout the year, ranking the top teams of the 86 (current) that play in Associated Fantasy leagues.  The rankings are based on VsL% and are calculated by dividing for win percentage, a team’s W-L-T record if that team had played every other team in its league each week.  The VsL% compares teams against the competition within their own league, but then translates that performance to rank the teams against all other Associated Fantasy teams, so that the Top 25 is a measure of how well a team is doing against their league rivals in comparison to how well other teams are doing against their own league rivals (it’s also biased toward total points as opposed to just wins and losses so it’s a better bench-mark of performance than league record).  The full Week 10 list can be seen below and can also be viewed at the “Top 25” tab.

There are a total of four match-ups for Week 11 in the Association featuring a pair of Top 25 teams facing each other.  They are:

#1 On The Rox vs #14 Mighty Pats in the Fantasy Addicts

#9 Los Angeles Dragons vs #11 Old England Patriots in the World League

#14 Sleeper Agent vs #19 Suspension Freaks in the Legion of Defense

#17 Insane Clowney Posse vs #19 jlm loves defense in the Legion of Defense

(note: Suspension Freaks and jlm loves defense are both tied at #19 for Week 10)


Week 10 Top 25

Teams run by AF Registered Coaches have their coaches listed below the team.

Blue text indicates a team whose season is complete.

Arrows indicate movement up or down the list from the prior week’s list; double up arrows indicate team was not on the prior week’s list

Rank Team VsL% VsL Record League Change
1 On The Rox

 – Rox

.830 75-15-0 Addicts
2 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.730 92-33-1 Circus
3 Gig City KnightHawks


.700 72-31-2 Circus ↑2
4 Cardiff Crusaders .680 61-28-1 IFFL ↑2
5 The Dawg Pound

 – meigzoh

.670 100-49-1 S16 ↑6
5 Sanford Celeryfeds .670 59-29-2 Dixie ↑8
5 Andalusia Arrows

 –Wade Bodiford

.670 56-26-8 Dixie ↑5
8 Cutlering the Cheese .660 83-42-1 Circus ↓4
9 Birds of Prey

 – Roger Tripp

.650 97-52-1 S16 ↓2
9 Los Angeles Dragons

 –Joey Drakar

.650 71-39-0 WFL ↑7
11 Old England Patriots .640 70-40-0 WFL ↓8
12 Sacks Fifth Avenue .630 69-40-1 LoD ↓4
13 New Orleans Black Hats

 – Coach Crash

.620 51-30-9 Dixie ↑4
14 Chinese Bandits

Coach Crash

.600 65-44-1 LoD ↑9
14 Sleeper Agent .600 65-44-1 LoD ↑8
14 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.600 54-36-0 Addicts ↓3
17 Insane Clowney Posse .590 65-45-0 LoD
17 Ladies and Edelman .590 62-43-0 Circus ↑1
19 King George Bluto’s

 – Tmande

.580 73-53-0 Circus ↑2
19 jlm loves defense .580 63-46-1 LoD ↓6
19 Suspension Freaks .580 63-46-1 LoD ↑↑
22 Who Dat Saints .570 85-64-1 S16 ↑↑
22 Little Rock Radio Flyers

 – Scarlett the Red

.570 48-35-7 Dixie ↑↑
24 1 Eye Til I Die .560 84-66-0 S16 ↓9
24 Mexico Aztecs .560 62-48-0 WFL ↑↑
24 Orange Lantern Corp

 –Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff

.560 50-40-0 Addicts ↓6