Points Race Eliminations: Double Jeopardy

AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – After last week’s statutory tie in the Points Race – Invitational, two teams were on the chopping block for the week 10 eliminations, and as it turned out, it would be the same pair of teams vying for last place in Week 9.  The Imperial Dragons and WATTch Me JJ could not overcome their points deficit and were both eliminated this week.  Finishing with a season points total of 891.83, Imperial Dragons becomes the third team eliminated in this year’s Invitational, and WATTch Me JJ is right behind them with 934.28.  With the players from both teams being released onto waivers, the surviving teams are going to have fun vulturing up the wealth of talent that includes Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell, Cam Newton, Mike Evans, and Todd Gurley, among others.  Another thrilling week is expected with the bottom four teams all within striking distance of forcing the next elimination – the two bottom-most teams separated by just 0.24 points.

In the Points Race – OPEN, it was last place team Green Initiative to suffer the dreaded elimination ax.  They finish the season with a final points total of 924.86 as the fifth team eliminated for the 2016 season.  Among the players released to waivers from their roster are Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Todd Gurley, Julio Jones, and the Seahawks defense.  Going into Week 11, the three last-ranked teams are all within 42 points of each other, so they’ll want to choose wisely when supplementing their rosters, in order to survive another week.