Defensive Freaks


LoD Logo whiteLEGION OF DEFENSE – With just two weeks to go of the regular season in the Legion of Defense, the weekly battles are getting increasingly intense.  After turning in a monster Week 10 performance, Rookie Division‘s Suspension Freaks was named Defense of the Week.  In defeating The Cavalry 90-53, the Freaks advanced their record to 6-4-0 for a second place spot in the division, but more importantly, they also have the points advantage over the other rookie teams in a division that may come down to tiebreakers.  Sleeper Agent, meanwhile, holds onto first place in the division (and overall) by the slimmest of margins.  The Agents boast a 7-3-0 record after their Week 10 victory over Animal Kingdom, but the indecisive win was by a score of just 56.0-55.5 which means a mid-week stat correction could reverse the win and put the division into a 4-way 6-4-0 tie!  High drama indeed.

In the Pro Division, neither Mighty Pats nor the Chinese Bandits can gain any separation from each other.  Both of them handily won their Week 10 matches, Mighty Pats 47-26 over htown, and Chinese Bandits 55-37 over Gates of Delirium, but the two are still tied in the standings with matching 6-4-0 records and have a points total just 11 and a half clicks apart, Mighty Pats with the edge.  The Pro Division Champion and representative to the post season will likely be determined when the pair face-off in Week 11.

Insane Clowney Posse barely got by Battering Rams last week, 48-42, but the win allows them to extend their record to 7-3-0 which gives them a 2 game advantage on the field.  After suffering their second straight loss, jlm loves defense is stuck in last place in the Premier Division at 3-7-0, but have outscored the Clowns and Battering Rams, leaving them in excellent position to capture the Premier Wild Card.  Sacks Fifth Avenue, however, beat jlm 38-28 in Week 10, evening their record to 5-5-0 and extending their own points total of 486 which puts them currently 1st in division and second in the league (in points) which would give them the inside track to either Wild Card spot should they fail to rally and take control of the Premier Division in the final two weeks.