S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – The Los Angeles Super Chargers advance to 6-3-0 after defeating BIGDOGINTEX 194-172 in the Super 16 Game of the Week.  AF Registered Coach Scarlett The Red‘s Chargers are now up by two games in the West Division thanks to the Firebirds‘ late MNF come from behind 158-151 victory over 1 Eye Til I Die.  Los Angeles and Oakland will face off in Week 10 in a match that’s practically a must-win for 1 Eye if they’re going to catch the Chargers – a loss would mean they have no more margin of error and could only take the division with a tied record and point advantage.  BowMen is 2 games back from LA as well, and in the midst of a 3 game slide after falling to the Who Dats 179-241.

The Who Dat Saints (7-3-0) can clinch the South Division with two more wins, OR a win and a Week 11 loss by BIGDOG

The Who Dat Saints (7-3-0) can clinch the South Division with two more wins, OR a win and a Week 11 loss by BIGDOG

With the victory over BowMen, the 7-2-0 Who Dats, take 8th place on the all-time single game record list and are the league’s new #1 overall franchise.  BIGDOG’s loss gives the Who Dats a 2 game cushion over them, and the teams will meet in Week 10 for an all-important show-down.  Though the Who Dats cannot clinch the Division with a win, a loss by BIGDOGINTEX means, that like 1 Eye in the West, the best they can do would be to tie records and hope for a points advantage.  Meanwhile, Tweety Birds of Prey have now won their second straight game, overtaking Houston for 3rd and may have conquered the schedule monster.  They remain the highest scoring team in the league, but at 3-6-0 it may be too late to mount a comeback.  It would need to start in Week 10 vs 3-6 Houston, where the loser will be mathematically out of the playoff race.

The Who Dats’ rise to #1 means that last week’s leader has been deposed, and their 181-211 upset loss to the BEARMINATORS means that The Dawg Pound dropped from 1st all the way to 3rd in the league.  Division rival Motor City Kitties leapfrogged them in the standings after beating Steel Curtain 200-179 and are now ranked #2 overall in the league, though The Dawg Pound still holds control of the division; both teams are 6-3-0.  Indy and Chicago have both kept themselves relevant and could press for the Division crown if they managed to run the table over the last 4 weeks.
In the second highest scoring performance of the week, the Northern Fins made the record books as well, their 231-199 victory over the Jaw Breakers securing #14 on the all-time single game record list.  The Eagle has landed was impressive in Week 9 as well, beating the Indy-structibles 209-146.  Both teams now have a tied 6-3-0 records and begin the first of three head to head matches next week.  2016 expansion club Steel Curtain’s loss to Motor City was the fourth in a row, one more and they will be mathematically eliminated from any post season hopes.  The Jaw Breakers joins the Arizona Firebirds in that category.