Rox Tops Ladder


FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – Ending the regular season portion of the Fantasy Addicts schedule, On The Rox not only finished in first place with a 7-3-0 record, but did it in style, capturing the week’s Offensive and Defensive Scoring Award and the league’s high score in their 361-233 victory over Apex Predators.  The win puts the Pro Bowler On The Rox – coached by AF Registered Coach Rox – in the #1 position for the start of the ladder schedule portion of the Fantasy Addicts season.

The Addicts use a schedule system that’s unique among Association leagues.  In this ten team league, teams play a single round robin regular season, in which all teams play all other teams one time in Weeks 1-9.  Weeks 10-13 comprise the ladder schedule of the season.  In ladder scheduling, the match-ups are realigned weekly to match teams according to their rank in the standings; #1 plays #2, #3 plays #4, and so on.  In this system, the top teams are trying to knock each other from the top, and on the bottom end of the standings, it allows weaker teams a shot at a post season if they can get hot and climb the ladder with consecutive wins.
Mighty Pats finishes 7-2-0 as well to fill #2 on the ladder and Orange Lantern Corp is right behind them ranked #3 with a 6-3-0 record after both teams make short work of their opponents in Week 9.  These are the only two teams to have beaten On The Rox this year, but Rox has a 300 point lead on the two of them, so they’ll have to beat them again to overtake them.  WhyNots round out #4 and the league’s only expansion squad, the NZ Warriors, finish at #5, more than high enough to climb the ladder into the post season.  The same could be said about the league’s other Pro Bowl team, AF Registered Coach parkhallmark‘s The Great Khalil started out 0-5 but are now on a 4 game win streak to finish #6.
It’ll be a tough road with help from other teams for the rest of the league’s franchises, including the 2015 defending Champs monkeys on ecstasy, to climb the ladder into the post season, but it can be done.  The Addicts are using a brand new playoff format for 2016, taking 5 teams to the post season in honor of their 5 year anniversary.  The playoffs will begin on Week 14, and the Ladder Champion (#1 after Week 13) will receive the #1 seed.  The #2 seed will go to the team among all 9 others with the highest season total points, and #3 will go to the team with the best record of the 8 that remain.  Seeds #1, #2, and #3 get a first round bye as seed #4 – best record of the 7 remaining – and seed #5 – team with the highest points total of the 6 remaining – will face each other in a Week 14 Wild Card Game.  The winner will face the #1 seed in Week 15, and seeds #2 and #3 will play each other.  The semifinals winners will meet in a two week cumulative match-up in Weeks 15/16.
If the playoffs were starting this week, here’s how they would look: