Points Race Eliminations – Statistical Tie

AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – Going into Week 9, in the Points Race – Invitational, WATTch Me JJ was in last place, facing elimination with a season total of 673.74 points.  Imperial Dragons were in second to last, also in danger of elimination with a season total of 694.37 points.  With their week 9 totals of 131.05 and 110.46 added, WATTch Me JJ has a season total of 804.79 and the Dragons have 804.83 points.  Four hundredths of a point (!) difference; talk about a game of inches!  This triggers the Tournament’s Statistical Tie Rule (Tournament Rules, Section X).


WATTch Me JJ and Imperial Dragons come out of Week 9 with a Statistical Tie

Because of the possibility of a mid-week stat correction altering the final scores, and to prevent a team from being wrongly eliminated, tournament rules state that if the last and second to last place teams’ total season score falls within 10 points of each other it will be considered a tie.  In an instance of a statistical tie, NO TEAM is eliminated in that week, BUT, the following week, the last TWO teams will be eliminated.

What this means is several things.  First, both WATTch Me and the Dragons get to play on one more week, but it also means, no treasure trove of players hitting the waiver wire this week for teams to vulture, although the scheduled addition of an RB3 to the starting line-up does take place.  Also, next week should be thrilling, as two teams will be eliminated, and the way the score totals look, roughly the bottom five teams are all in elimination danger – should any of them have a bad week in Week 10, it’s all over.  Finally, it means that for the teams that survive next week’s double elimination, it’s going to be like Christmas morning on the waiver wire as two rosters full of players get released.
In the Points Race – OPEN, tournament veteran British Bulldogs has been eliminated, ending with a season total of 761.07 points.  Their players have been released onto the waiver wire and their are a few studs that the surviving teams are going to be very happy to pick up, including Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde, Spencer Ware, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, and Amari Cooper; the 8 teams that remain should be excited about those prospects.