Week 8 Top 25 Released

AF Top 25TOP 25 – For the second week in a row, On The Rox playing out of Fantasy Addicts tops the AF Top 25 with a VsL% of .790 – unchanged from last week.  The #1 team, coached by AF Registered Coach and 2016 Pro Bowler Rox, held on to their spot at the top of all 86 eligible teams despite a Week 8 loss.  They are 6-2 in league play with the number 1 ranking in the Fantasy Addicts League, and top off this weeks list with a Vs League record of 57-15-0.

Mighty Pats (Fantasy Circus) remain in second for the second week in a row as well, with a VsL% of .760down .010 from Week 7.  Sacks Fifth Avenue, from the Legion of Defense, climbed two spots to make it back into the top 3, and the IFFL‘s Cardiff Crusaders dropped one, but has broken their two week tie with the World League‘s Old England Patriots (who fell to 6th) to sit all alone in 4th.  Gig City KnightHawks from AF’s Fantasy Circus rounds out the top 5 with a VsL% of .700 .  Full list appears below and can also be accessed from the AF TOP 25 tab.

The Top 25 is tabulated throughout the year, ranking the top teams of the 86 (current) that play in Associated Fantasy leagues.  The rankings are based on VsL% and are calculated by dividing for win percentage, a team’s W-L-T record if that team had played every other team in its league each week.  The VsL% compares teams against the competition within their own league, but then translates that performance to rank the teams against all other Associated Fantasy teams, so that the Top 25 is a measure of how well a team is doing against their league rivals in comparison to how well other teams are doing against their own league rivals (it’s also biased toward total points as opposed to just wins and losses so it’s a better bench-mark of performance than league record).

There are several curious and interesting quirks on this week’s Top 25.

  • AF Registered Coach, Mighty Pats, has two different teams – each named Mighty Pats – on this week’s list.  Mighty Pats (Fantasy Circus) ranks at #2 overall, just below On The Rox, who lost in Week 8 to Mighty Pats (Fantasy Addicts) which comes in at #13
  • The #5 ranked team, Gig City KnightHawks as well as #18 Ladies and Edelman have both completed their season.  Both teams play in AF’s Fantasy Circus and each was a casualty of Round 1 eliminations.  That means their VsL% for 2016 cannot change, and their ranking from here on out is strictly dependent on how well or poorly the teams above and below them do.
  • The Super 16‘s Birds of Prey are historically the winningest team in the Association, are the defending League Champions, and are ranked #8 with a 81-39-0 .680 VsL% on this week’s list.  However in League Play, they have been battling the schedule monster – beating just about everyone’s score except their opponents week in and week out – and are ranked #14 with a 2-6 record.
  • The Dawg Pound comes in at #9, one slot below Birds of Prey.  They are currently ranked #1 overall in the Super 16
  • 4 new teams appear on this week’s list, the highest being #21 Sleeper Agent out of the Legion of Defense.
  • There are a total of 11 AF Registered Coaches on this Week’s list, two of them running two separate teams.  They are:  Rox, Mighty Pats (2), BallHawk, Rodger Tripp, meigzoh, Joey Drakor, Wade Bodiford, Coach Crash (2), Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff, Coach DeBerg (broncosrsa), and Tmande.  They appear below thier teams on the list.
  • Top 25 teams playing head-to-head matches against each other this week:
  •  #6  1 Eye Til I Die vs #24 Arizona Firebirds
  • #9 Los Angeles Dragons vs #21 Dublin Bay Prawns
  • #13 Sanford Celeryfeds vs #17 New Orleans Black Hats
  • #19 The Cavalry vs #21 Sleeper Agent

NOTE: blue text indicates a team whose season is complete.

Rank Team VsL% VsL Record League Change
1 On The Rox

 – Rox

.790 57-15-0 Addicts  
2 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.760 85-26-1 Circus  
3 Sacks Fifth Avenue .720 63-24-1 LoD ↑2
4 Cardiff Crusaders .710 51-21-0 IFFL ↓1
5 Gig City KnightHawks


.700 72-31-2 Circus ↑1
6 1 Eye Til I Die .690 83-37-0 S16 ↑2
6 Old England Patriots .690 61-27-0 WFL ↓3
8 Birds of Prey

 – Roger Tripp

.680 81-39-0 S16  
9 The Dawg Pound

 – meigzoh

.660 79-40-1 S16 ↑2
9 Cutlering the Cheese .660 73-34-1 Circus ↓2
9 Los Angeles Dragons

 -Joey Drakar

.660 58-30-0 WFL ↓1
12 jlm loves defense .650 57-30-1 LoD ↑2
13 Insane Clowney Posse .630 55-33-0 LoD ↓2
13 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.630 45-27-0 Addicts ↑9
13 Sanford Celeryfeds .630 44-26-2 Dixie ↓2
13 Andalusia Arrows

 -Wade Bodiford

.630 42-23-7 Dixie  
17 New Orleans Black Hats

 – Coach Crash

.620 40-23-9 Dixie ↓3
18 Ladies and Edelman .590 62-43-0 Circus ↑1
19 The Cavalry .580 51-37-0 LoD ↓5
20 Orange Lantern Corp

 -Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff

.570 41-31-0 Addicts ↓2
21 Sleeper Agent .560 49-38-1 LoD ↑↑
21 Dublin Bay Prawns .560 49-39-0 WFL ↑4
21 Cape Town Broncos

 – Coach DeBerg (broncosrsa)

.560 40-31-1 IFFL ↑↑
21 Venice Killerwhales .560 40-32-0 IFFL ↑↑
24 Arizona Firebirds

 – Coach Crash

.550 66-54-0 S16 ↓2
24 King George Bluto’s

 – Tmande

.550 62-50-0 Circus ↑↑