Barons Enters Round 2


AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – Week 8 marks the start of Round 2 in AF’s Roster Barons Tournament.  The 8 participating teams have worked their way through a round robin in Weeks 1-7, building their teams’ rosters with just a single player added each week and trading personnel like they were stocks, getting points for the trades, and even more points for those trades where they came out ahead.  The field has spread considerably with over a thousand total tournament points separating first and last place as the High Flyers, Show me your TDs, and Hickory Windies starting to really stockpile points in this arms race.

All teams’ rosters have now been purged onto waivers except for the single player that each team chose to designate with a franchise tag.  The teams will compete in Week 8, starting a new round robin, with just their franchised player, and then begin building their squads all over again.  Round 2 in the Barons Tournament, takes a different approach from Round 1, with the waiver settings switched to a Waiver Auction Budget (WAB) where the teams will place blind bids to build their team week to week.  In Round 2, the weekly add limit is also increased from 1 to 2, meaning teams will be able to build their roster faster, and also have more firepower for engaging in trades to attempt to outmaneuver the competition.

Teams’ Auction Budgets for Round 2 are set based on their Tournament Points (the total of their fantasy points and their roster points – the bonus points received) from Round 1.  By design, this puts the bottom tier teams at a serious disadvantage to the teams above them that have accrued a much higher total.  Round 2 is set up to weed out the weaker teams in preparation of the final round that begins in Week 15, so that if the top teams are going to be caught, it’ll take some serious player performance IQ.  The bottom four teams will be eliminated altogether for Round 3 as the remaining teams race for the prize money.