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The Dawg Pound is the new League #1 after defeating Motor City in Week 7

S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – In a twilight zone season where the mighty Birds of Prey are in the midst of a now 6 game losing streak, the powerhouse teams of the West Division have lost a combined 8 straight, and where the East has become a circular firing squad after Ice Cold Bruschi‘s departure from the league, this seems appropriate: never mind The Dawg Pound lost their stud receiver unexpectedly just before he came off suspension; never mind that they’ve lost a starting quarterback, receiver, defensive back, and their first round stud running back to IR; never mind that their NFL franchise is starting a 3rd stringer under center and is 0-7 on the season – never mind all of that, The Dawg Pound is number 1.

Week 7’s Game of the Week in the Super 16 was a number 1 vs number 2 contest and the Dawgs chased the Cats right up a tree to pull off a 218-157 victory, overtaking Motor City and climbing into the league #1 spot.  Now 5-2-0, and just half a point shy of the league total points lead, the league’s Cleveland franchise has an even record but a head-to-head win over the Kitties after this win, and more importantly, they have a relatively soft schedule ahead of them leading up to the teams’ season finale rematch in Week 13, starting with the 14th ranked Jaw Breakers in a Week 8 SimulPlay match.
The Motor City Kitties drop to 3rd in the league and will hope to be the 7th straight team to beat the struggling Tweety Birds of Prey next week.  The Birds lost to the Super Chargers 191-215 in Week 7 and are now in 15th place overall, despite having the highest season points total in the S16.  The 5-2 Chargers retake control of the West Division with the win, and move into 2nd place overall, but are only 1-2 in division play and their remaining schedule does not look favorable on paper.  They have just a half game lead on the BowMen for the West Division after SF melted down in Week 7, 142-245 against The Eagle has landed.

A heartbreaking Week 7 loss for the League’s Raider franchise unless overturned by stat corrections

Beating BowMen gives The Eagle a chance to tangle up the East for now, with a 4-3 record and ranked 5th in the league but 2nd in the division behind the 9th ranked Northern ‘Fins thanks to division tie breakers.  The ‘Fins’ Week 7 match-up win is still waiting for certification as they played 1 Eye Til I Die to a 183.50-183.00 dead heat that awaits any stat corrections that may overturn it.  The unlikely 11th place Raider franchise has their fingers crossed that they don’t wind up with a tie like the one that almost derailed their season last year, but even a tie would keep them well ahead of the last place Cardinals who have now lost 5 in a row.

The league’s fourth 5-2 team is the Who Dat Saints who beat the understaffed bye week BIGDOG 198-153 for their 3rd win in a row.  They have a big game upcoming in Week 8 against division rival Houston who’ve got their own 2 game win streak.  BIGDOG retains second place in the division despite the loss, and have a very interesting Week 8 match-up against a Bye strength BowMen – both teams are 4-3, second in their division, and ranked 7th and 8th overall.
No teams are yet eliminated from playoff contention, but incredibly, 2015’s 1st and 2nd place regular season finishers, Birds of Prey and the Arizona Firebirds are both very close to just that scenario.  If the Playoffs were held this week, The Dawg Pound and the Los Angeles Super Chargers would get the first round byes, and the Saints, the ‘Fins, Motor City, and The Eagle would be seeds #3, #4, #5, and #6.