Week 7 Points Race Eliminations

AF Tournaments LogoTOURNAMENTS – In the Points Race – Invitational, Happy Hardcore is sad today after being eliminated at the conclusion of Week 7.   Their players have been released into free agency for the remaining teams to vulture, and the include some real studs including LeVeon Bell, Dez Bryant, and AJ Green.  Happy Hardcore finishes with a final points total of  517.89.   Sock Monkeys and Imperial Dragons have leap-frogged the competition to get themselves out of last place, but the bottom five teams are still within about 70 points of each other, with several teams bunched up close to one another.  Sacks Fifth Avenue is in the most danger of being eliminated in Week 8, though, sitting in last with a 65 point gap between themselves and second to last, they will need a huge week to survive elimination.

The chase is over for Speed Chasers in the Points Race – OPEN, as they become the second team eliminated in that tournament, finishing with a final points total of 502.07.  The current bottom three teams – tournament rookie The Green Initiative, and veterans Thunderbolt Grease Slappers, and the British Bulldogs – are all within about 30 points of each other making Week 8 very interesting.  The starting position of TE2 has been added to the line-up in both tournaments, and next week, once another team is eliminated WR4 will be added.


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