Patriots Win Again


WFL Logo 2016WORLD LEAGUE – The Old England Patriots clobbered the Mexico Aztecs 120-91 to boost their record to 6-1, cementing their control of the World League‘s Eastern Conference thanks to the New Orleans Acadians‘ upset 88-75 win over the second place Dublin Bay Prawns.  Scandinavia remains the only team to have beaten the Patriots this season, and the Stars are on the rise, threatening the Prawns for second place after defeating City of Champions 104-89.

The pair swap opponents in Week 8 as the Stars will face the Acadians and City of Champions gets a crack at Old England.  It’s the start of a very tough stretch for the #1 Patriots; in Week 9 they play the #5 Acadians, followed by the #3 overall Dacusville Devils, the #4 overall Los Angeles Dragons, a Week 12 rematch with the #2 Prawns, and then a season finale against the Devils again.  Coming in at #4 overall in the Association‘s Week 6 Top 25, and sure to rise or at least stand pat in Week 7, can they run the tables against those tall odds?
London lost a close one in a rematch of 2015's World Bowl 4

London lost a close one in a rematch of 2015’s World Bowl 4

The League’s other English franchise, the 2015 runner-up London Falling, just continues to fall, losing a Week 7 rematch of World Bowl 4 to the Los Angeles Dragons by a heartbreaking 97-106.  After an up and down start to their season, the defending champion Dragons appear to be running full speed.  They have hit 100 points or more in 3 of their last 4, and won 4 of their last 5.  The remainder of their schedule doesn’t look quite as daunting as Old England’s, but they still must face those Patriots, and Dublin Bay, as well as Scandinavia twice.

The Dacusville Devils, however is the team still solidly in control of the Western Conference, with a 5-2 record and a head-to-head win over the Dragons, though they must face Old England twice – the Week 13 finale is starting to look more and more like a preview of World Bowl 5.  This week though, the #3 overall Devils will face the #2 overall Prawns in what itself could be just as likely of a championship preview.
Still looking for their first win, Barcelona Dragons are 0-7

Still looking for their first win, Barcelona Dragons are 0-7

The hapless Barcelona Dragons are still searching for their first win of 2016, falling to 0-7 after last week’s 66-129  dismantling by Buenos Aires.  Barcelona has now been outscored 826-550 on the season, while the Blue Dogs, rise to 4-3 on that victory, the highest score of the week, and are still very much in the playoff hunt.  They face 4 teams with losing records over their final 6 games, including a rematch with Barcelona, and starting with London in Week 8.