Circus Prepares for Second Act

8 teams have been eliminated as the Circus prepares to enter Round 2

8 teams have been eliminated as the Circus prepares to enter Round 2

Fantasy Circus Logo 2.0CIRCUS – Four teams from each starting group have been eliminated in AF’s Fantasy Circus as Round 1 comes to a conclusion, and the top 4 from each advance.  Bradyscissorhands was the winner of Group 1, edging out 2015 Championship Group participant Scarlett Starlets (formerly The Schoolgirl U lost to, coached by AF Registered Coach Scarlett the Red) by a mere 5 points, and League newcomer Cuttlering the Cheese won Group 2 with a one game advantage.

round-1-eliminationsWith Week 7 in the books, the bottom 4 teams by W-L record have been eliminated from competition and their rosters have been cleared into free agency for the 8 teams advancing to Round 2 to begin claiming from waivers.  Among the casualties were two returning teams – Cintoral Piercings and 2015 Championship Group participant jolly joe.  For the teams that remain, the bidding process begins to upgrade their rosters with the newly released players, utilizing a waiver auction budget converted from the points they’ve scored (and saved) weekly in weeks 1-7.

Week 8 essentially marks the beginning of a brand new season for the teams that advance.  They are now moved into a common group and begin Round 2 with a blank slate and a 0-0-0 record, entering a new round-robin schedule where they’ll each play one another once in Weeks 8-14.  After the group round robin concludes in Week 14, the bottom four teams in the standings (Round 2 standings exclusively) will be eliminated, leaving just four teams from the original field of 16.  The four that remain, advance to the Championship Round and will have all of the players from the eliminated teams to bid on once more.  Time to get your popcorn and peanuts, the show’s just getting to the good part.