First 2016 Top 25 Released


AF TOP 25 – The first AF Top 25 has been released for the 2016 season, following the conclusion of Week 6, and coming in at number one is the Legion of Defense‘s Week 6 Defense of the Week winner, Sacks Fifth Avenue, posting a VsL win percentage of .800  Sacks Fifth Avenue finished the 2015 season, ranked 6th on the final Top 25, with a VsL% of .720, but they start things off this year with a bang at #1 overall.   Rounding out the top 5 behind Sacks Fifth Avenue are On The Rox (.780) from Fantasy Addicts and the Cardiff Crusaders (.760) from the IFFL at #2 and #3, followed by the Mighty Pats of the Fantasy Circus and the Old England Patriots from the World League, tied for 4th, each with a .730 VsL%.

The 2015 end-of-year #1 came out of the Legion as well, as the LoD Champion Public Enemy topped off the final Top 25 of the year with an .820 VsL%.  Insane Clowney Posse (11) and Suspension Freaks (21) also made it onto the Week 6 rankings from the Legion.  All Association leagues are represented on the Week 6 list, with the Super 16 in first with 6 teams in the top 25, and Fantasy Circus put 3 teams in the top 10.

The AF Top 25 rankings are based on teams’ VsL %, which is the win percentage if that team played every team in its league each week (more info).   The great thing about the AF Top 25 is that it compares teams against the competition within their own league, but then translates that performance to rank the teams against all other Associated Fantasy teams (currently totaling 86 teams).  The Top 25 is able to do this by comparing teams’ VsL%.  The VsL% is a team’s win percentage when wins are measured by what a team’s W-L-T record would be if every team played every other team within the league weekly, so the Top 25 is a measure of how well a team is doing against their league rivals in comparison to how well other teams are doing against their own league rivals (it’s also biased toward total points as opposed to just wins and losses so it’s a better bench-mark of performance).   New Rankings come out weekly, and the full Week 6 Top 25 list is below and can also be found under the main menu “AF Top 25” tab (teams with AF Registered Coaches have their coaches listed below the team);  Associated Fantasy congratulates all coaches whose team has made the list.

Rank Team VsL% VsL Record League
1 Sacks Fifth Avenue .800 53-13-0 LoD
2 On The Rox

 – Rox

.780 42-12-0 Addicts
3 Cardiff Crusaders .760 41-13-0 IFFL
4 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.730 65-24-1 Circus
4 Old England Patriots .730 48-18-0 WFL
6 Gig City KnightHawks


.710 63-25-2 Circus
6 Sanford Celeryfeds .710 38-15-1 Dixie
8 1 Eye Til I Die .690 62-28-0 S16
9 Cutlering the Cheese .670 60-30-0 Circus
9 Birds of Prey

 – Roger Tripp

.670 60-30-0 S16
11 Insane Clowney Posse .640 42-24-0 LoD
12 SF’s BowMen .630 57-33-0 S16
13 Motor City Kitties .620 56-34-0 S16
13 The Dawg Pound

 – meigzoh

.620 55-34-1 S16
13 Los Angeles Dragons

 –Joey Drakar

.620 41-25-0 WFL
13 Andalusia Arrows

 –Wade Bodiford

.620 31-18-5 Dixie
17 Slightly Retarded .610 54-35-1 Circus
17 Sock Bandits

 – Coach Crash

.610 54-35-1 Circus
17 Dublin Bay Prawns .610 40-26-0 WFL
17 New Orleans Acadians

 – Coach Crash

.610 40-26-0 WFL
21 Suspension Freaks .600 39-26-1 LoD
22 Arizona Firebirds

 – Coach Crash

.590 53-37-0 S16
22 Mighty Pats

 – Mighty Pats

.590 32-22-0 Addicts
22 Florida Jesters

 – Snake Eyes Jim

.590 30-20-4 Dixie
25 New Orleans Black Hats

 – Coach Crash

.570 28-20-6 Dixie