Rox Back In First


FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – On The Rox is back in first, after beating the WhyNots who had climbed into first place in the Fantasy Addicts League.  The 319-230 victory was decisive, but both teams now sit at 5-1 in first and second place and seem destined to meet in the ladder scheduling portion of the regular season.  The Addicts league uses a unique ladder schedule in the final portion of the regular season where teams are matched from week to week based on the standings; 1st plays 2nd; 3rd plays 4th, etc, with the match-ups reassigned every week as the standings adjust.  This means On The Rox and the WhyNots could see multiple rematches in a few weeks.

First, though, the two will have to separate themselves from a trio of contenders all jumbled with 4-2 records.  The Mighty Pats lost to Orange Lantern Corp 277-316 in Week 6, but remain in 3rd place thanks to a higher points total; both teams are 4-2.  Also at 4-2 after defeating Apex Predators 249-174 are the Houston Hostiles, sitting in 5th place overall.   The expansion NZ Saints are in 7th place with a 2-4 record, sitting just above a surprising last place trio.  The 2016 Addicts After Hours Champs Apex Predators, 2016 Fantasy Addicts Pro Bowl representative, The Great Khalil, and 2015 defending league champion monkeys on ecstasy are all hiding in the basement with 1-5 records and no end in sight to a terminal 2016 season.

Ranked by total points, monkeys on ecstasy moves into 5th overall, meaning they do still have an outside shot at the playoffs, however.  The Addicts league is using a new playoff format for 2016 that will put 5 teams into the post season with 3 of them getting a first round BYE while the pair of Wild Cards duke it out.  Since two of the 5 playoff teams will be selected based on points, all is not lost for the monkeys.  They will face the expansion Saints in Week 7 while the #2 WhyNots play the #3 Mighty Pats and Rox tries to create a drunken Sheep.  Houston gets The Great Khalil, while Apex Predators take on Orange Lantern Corp.