Points Race Eliminations Begin


AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – The elimination portion of the season has begun in the Points Race – Invitational (PR-I) and Points Race -Open (PR-O) Tournaments.  These tournaments are total points races, where, beginning in Week 6, the last place team – by points – is eliminated each week.  Making things more exciting is the fact that once a team is eliminated, their players are released into free agency for the remaining teams to vulture up, and each week, a new starting position is added to the line-ups.  Waivers are always reset to inverse order of total points, meaning the teams closest to elimination danger have first access to some of the best players released every week making for some exciting sudden death scenarios.

The Better Manning Remains, no longer remains, eliminated after Week 6

The Better Manning Remains, no longer remains, eliminated after Week 6

The Points Race – Invitational, as its name suggests, is an invitational tournament, made up of some of the best 2015 coaches from other Associated Fantasy leagues and tournaments.  Starting a field of only 11 teams this year, the first round of eliminations has been pushed back to next week, but the starting position of RB/WR/TE 2 has been added, and the 3 last place teams – Happy Hardcore, Sacks Fifth Avenue, and Imperial Dragons – are all within about 60 points of each other.  There was a spread of 100 pointslast week between the highest and lowest scoring teams so the race is literally wide open.

In the Points Race – Open, the unrestricted entry version of the tournament, The Better Manning Remains was eliminated, finishing their run with a final points total of 436.67 total points.  Their roster, released into free agency, included some gems like Lamar Miller, Mark Ingram, Russel Wilson, Golden Tate, Gary Barnidge, and Travis Kelce for the teams that remain to claim from waivers.  The new last and second to last place teams – The Green Initiative and Speed Chasers – are separated by only 6 points and will get first crack at these players to shore up their roster, before a sudden death Week 7.  Last weeks’ scores had an 80 point margin from highest to lowest, so it’s still possible for the two last place teams to leapfrog in the rankings, meaning the bottom 7 or so teams are theoretically in danger of elimination.  There’s nothing but excitement from here on out.