Cowboy Up


S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – The Week 6 Game of the Week in the Super 16 turned out to be no game at all.  More of a turkey shoot as BIGDOGINTEX rolled over 1 Eye Til I Die 271-148 never playing from behind through the entire contest and finishing with the third highest single game points total in league history.  BIGDOG’s overcome major injuries – again this year – to emerge as one of the league’s 2016 powerhouse teams, and at 4-2 are currently third in the league in total points.  Their quest to take control of the South Division was thwarted again by the Who Dat Saints who completed an equally impressive 241-193 win over the Arizona Firebirds.  The Saints, also 4-2, hold a tenuous lead on the South, the pair of them currently ranked 5th and 6th overall in the league.  Houston broke the 200 mark also, beating The Eagle has landed 226-133, but still sit a distant 3rd at 2-4.

Birds of Prey adopted the Tweety Bird logo after their loss to the Who Dat Saints, and have now lost 5 in a row

Birds of Prey adopted the Tweety Bird logo after their loss to the Who Dat Saints, and have now lost 5 in a row

The real story in the South Division is the Tweety Birds of Prey who have now lost 5 straight games to fall to 1-5.  Once the mightiest team in the league – by quite a measure – the Birds are getting destroyed by the schedule monster; they sit in 14th place overall, despite being first in the league in total points scored at 1234.00 total points.  The problem, however, is they are also first in the league in points scored against with 1323 points being put up against them.  In Week 7 they must face the 4th overall Super Chargers, demonstrating that the fantasy gods give no easy roads.

The Chargers however are on a 2 game losing streak after a 145-160 loss to BowMen.  Both teams now sit at 4-2, but the head-to-head victory gives the San Francisco franchise the #1 seat in the West Division.  The Raider (3-3) and Cardinal(1-5) franchises are struggling to maintain relevancy now at the halfway point of the season and face must-win matches this week vs Houston and the Northern ‘Fins, respectively.
It will make the third division leader in a row 1 Eye must face as the Northern ‘Fins’ Week 6 165-120 tear-down of the Steel Curtain leaves them at the front of the three-way 3-3 East Division after Eagle’s loss to Houston.  The Jaw Breakers are stuck at 1-5 and bound for the BEARMINATORS in Week 7, while the Eagle visits BowMen and the Pittsburgh squad takes on Indy.
The S16 North Division is now home to not only the #1 team in the league, but the #2 as well.  The Motor City Kitties(5-1) took care of the Jaw Breakers 173-125 for their 5th consecutive win, and The Dawg Pound(4-2) dispatched Indy 185-161 for their third in a row.  A day of reckoning approaches as the two franchises are scheduled to face each other as the #1 vs #2 in the week’s upcoming slate of games.
At the halfway point, if the playoffs were to be held today, the contestants would be (by seeding): #1 Motor City, #2 SF’s BowMen, #3 Who Dat Saints, #4 Northern ‘Fins, #5(WC) The Dawg Pound, #6(WC) BIGDOGINTEX.