Big Dogs and Black Holes


S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – The Week 6 Game of the Week in the Super 16 features the #7 1 Eye til I Die (3-2) vs the #10 BIGDOGINTEX (3-2) in a match that will go far in determining these teams’ divisional rankings – both currently sit at 2nd place in the West and South Divisions, respectively.  The Vegas spread on this anticipated close match-up is only 3 points (BIGDOGINTEX favored) with 1 Eye up 4-0 after his single defensive lineman played on Thursday night.

The League’s Raider franchise is still celebrating the destruction of the Los Angeles Super Chargers in last week’s Game of the Week, but they still trail L.A. who leads the West at 4-1.  The Dogs of Texas, on the other hand, are riding a 3 game win streak despite dealing with a myriad of injuries to start the season – though they may have their star receiver back to help out in this all important match.  This will be the first ever meeting of the two teams.