Roster Barons Heating Up

AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – In AF’s Roster Barons Tournament two teams are wheeling and dealing their way to all the wealth as the 5th week of the season goes into the books.  Show me your TDs and the High Flyers are beginning to extend a considerable lead on the field of other teams through their high volume of trades.  Show me your TDs is doing particularly well, as the first team to break a thousand total points, in large part due to good instincts week to week on which players will out perform others.

The Roster Barons Tournament is designed to see just how good of a fantasy GM these coaches are.  Teams must make the right personnel decisions to build their team weekly while the season’s underway,  navigating the waiver wire to fill out their rosters.  Players are like stocks that teams are continuously trading back and forth to gain bonus points for the trade, and even more bonus points if those players out-perform their trading partners in this total points competition that combines both on-the-field fantasy scoring and a wide range of bonus points based on the roster teams can build.

The latest Week 5 update to the Tournament Scoreboard shows a total of 16 trades taking place just last week in this wild, free-wheeling concept tournament.  While Show me your TDs is firmly in the lead with a whopping 790 Roster Points (bonus points) and High Flyers are just as firmly in second, the only standings move of the week came from the Hustlers who jump up two spots from 5th into 3rd place as the first team to break the 300 point fantasy score threshold.  Wentz’s Warriors made an incredible 6 trades last week for 225 Roster Points, and while they remain in 6th place, they’ve managed to close the gap on the top half of the field.  Wild1free and the Part Time Imperials are lagging at the back of the pack in 7th and 8th place, but in this format, the gap can be closed rather quickly, and there are still 9 weeks to go before the bottom 4 teams are eliminated, so this race is just getting started.  Round 2 will begin in Week 8, when teams must designate one of their players with the franchise tag before their remaining rosters are cleared into free agency for the beginning of blind bid free agency.