Unfinished Business


SUPER 16 – In the Super 16, the Game of the Week features a SimulPlay West Division match-up between the #1 and #8 teams in the league.  The #1 Los Angeles Super Chargers at 4-0, are the only remaining undefeated team in the league, but #8 1 Eye Til I Die (2-2) is averaging about 25 more points per game.

Known simply as “The Tie Game”, the first time these two franchises ever met, in Week 7 of last season, it became the most pivotal game of the season when these two expansion franchises battled each other to a 228.00-228.00 tie.  Considering the league starts 14 positions and has decimal scoring, and that both scores survived stat corrections, the odds of a tie are incredibly tiny.  The tie was made even more amazing by the fact that the Super Chargers managed to tie the game with a Tony Jefferson interception on the final play of the final game of the week on Monday Night Football.  The ripple effect of the tie were far and wide.  Mathematically counting as half of a win, it left 1 Eye chasing the Firebirds all season and never able to catch them for the division charger-raidertitle.  But it also had an effect on the final ranking – and playoff race – for SF’s Bowmen, Northern ‘Fins, and the Who Dats (besides 1 Eye, Los Angeles, and Arizona, of course).  Beyond that, the tie game was instrumental in how the playoff seeding turned out for every single playoff team save the Birds of Prey.  Because of first round byes, there’s truly no way to determine how the 2015 playoffs might have gone differently had the seeding been shuffled. If that interception never happened and 1 Eye had won that match rather than tying, they could very well have turned out to be the 2015 Champs.  We’ll have to just chalk it up as another conspiracy against the Raiders.

But now these two teams meet again to settle that tie.  Following that first meeting, the Super Chargers lost the next 7 games in a row, including a rematch with 1 Eye, while the Raider franchise went 6-1 over their next 7 and capped that off with a close loss to the Birds of Prey in the semifinals.  The Stakes for this match are high with 1 Eye currently installed as a 30 point favorite.

Also this week in another SimulPlay game, the Motor City Kitties (3-1) play The Eagle has landed (3-1) in what should be exciting and the Who Dats will have to face rival Houston while at Bye Week strength.