10/100 Tournament begins BYE Stretch


AF Tournaments LogoAF TOURNAMENTS – The Ten/100 Battle Royale Tournament heads into the BYE Week stretch which will a long way in determining the eventual champion.  With no bench, and a limit to the number of transactions teams are allowed for the season, shuffling players around to keep a team fielded will be the test that determines which coach will come out on top.  Not only the BYE Weeks, but the mounting injuries – with several stars on IR, and even more out for just the next few weeks – across the NFL are going to be a big thorn in the side for teams trying to replace them weekly.  The 10/100 Tournament is AF’s entry-level tournament with a $100.00 winner-take-all prize pool. Ten teams have entered the ring, in an all vs all weekly battle royale with team rosters that consist of only 10 starting RB/WR/TE FLEX positions, and no bench, with teams allowed only 20 add/drops for the entire season.  Navigating the BYE Weeks and injuries, while fielding a team that can outscore the rest of the field of teams is the challenge in this tournament and now, as the injuries mount and the BYE Weeks begin, the field of teams shopuld start to shuffle.

The Magnificent Martians have started the season out very strong, posting a record of 35-1-0 through the first 4 weeks, but Show me your TDs are right behind them at 28-8-0.  Bringing up third place going into Week 5 is A Team Has No Name and their 24-12-0 record.  Abby Normal and Beastyo are both right in the thick of it with 20-16-0 and 19-17-0 records respectively, and because of the all vs all standings, a single blow-out week could put them right into the hunt for first.  On any given week, a team with the best performance could get a 9-win shift in the standings, and like tortoise and hare races, this 17 week battle has a long way to go before the front runners start to feel comfortable about their lead.  Clams Casino, Intimidators, and mile high mayhem are currently bringing up the bottom of the standings, all still looking to get double didgits in the win collumn, so how they handle the BYES over the next few weeks will be key for them.

Full standings are below.