AF Coach And Team Indexes Are Now Up

AF LogoAF – Have you ever wanted to check out your competition for the week to see just how good the coach you’re up against is?  Or maybe you’ve wondered if that coach that kicks your butt every season in one league is the same one in that other AF league you’re in.  Have you ever wanted to see just how well your record stands up against coaches in other Association Leagues outside of your own?  Well now you can.  The Associated Fantasy Coach and Team Indexes are now up.  On the Coaches Index you can see all registered Association Coaches with their career win percentages and a list of all Association Teams they run, and on the Team Index you can get all the info you want on registered teams.

As of 2016, there are 68 total coaches running 86 individual teams in Association Leagues.  As of now, only a handful of those coaches and teams have registered, but more are expected as the season progresses, with the ultimate goal of having the majority of Association teams and coaches listed in the indexes.  If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the perfect time to do so – it’s free and only takes about 5 minutes.  Besides getting onto the index where your win percentage can be ranked against other Association players and your League accolades can be put on display for all to see, becoming a registered coach has other benefits as well.   By registering, you lock up your AF Coach’s name so that nobody else will ever be able to use the name you choose – registering your teams will lock up their name and logos as well.  Registered AF Coaches get first option when league and tournament openings become available, and they get bumped up the waiting lists to get into AF leagues; the Association also has plans for exclusive leagues and tournaments open only to registered coaches in 2017, and qualifying for the AF Pro Bowl Tournament, for example, requires you to be a registered coach.  If you’re ready to get onto the AF Coaches Index, check out the Coaches Registry Page to get started.

The new AF Coach and AF Team indexes are available at the links below and can also be found by navigating directly to the pages with the tabs on the top menu.

AF Coaches by win percentage

AF Coaches alphabetical index

AF Teams by win percentage

AF Teams alphabetical index