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FFAA LogoFANTASY ADDICTS – In a match-up that was as epic as always, the Fantasy Addicts‘ two biggest heavyweights met in Week 3 for their 10th meeting in league history.  This one came down to the very end of MNF as the defending champion monkeys on ecstasy fell just 5 points short of the furious come back they had been mounting against On The Rox, who evened the teams’ all-time record at 5 games apiece after this 335-330 win.

These two juggernauts last met in the 2015 Championships, a two-week game the monkeys dominated 683-558, but this time around, On The Rox took control early and never looked back.  Despite an early lead from the Thursday night game, monkeys on ecstasy relinquished that lead as soon as Rox’s players started on Sunday and was forced to try playing catch-up for the rest of the match.  On Monday Night Football, with On The Rox done, the monkeys attempted to erase their 59 point deficit with the 3 players they had left.  Led by Devonta Freeman with 31 points (152 yards rushing, and 5 receptions for 55 yards and a TD) they almost did it, falling just 5 and a half points shy of victory.  A stat correction, could still steal the win for them.
On The Rox2
On The Rox is now a perfect 3-0 on the season, which is not unusual for them, but the monkeys now fall to 0-3 for the first time in their history.  The season is early still though, and despite the win-less start, monkeys are, amazingly, still ahead of 2015 powerhouse The Great Khalil and 2016 rookie NZ Warriors who are both also searching for their first win, and while Rox is sitting in first overall, the WhyNots and Mighty Pats are also both undefeated.  Lots can happen over the next 6 weeks of regular season play, and then once the ladder scheduling starts in Week 10, things are likely to get really crazy.  In last year’s ladder schedule, arch rivals Rox and monkeys faced each other 3 weeks in a row, beating up on each other before they even got the chance to get into the playoffs where they beat up on each other some more.
Orange Lantern Corp scored 372 points in their Week 3 destruction of Black Sheep, taking both Offense and Defense of the Week Awards

Orange Lantern Corp scored 372 points in their Week 3 destruction of Black Sheep, taking both Offense and Defense of the Week Awards

Things won’t get any easier for monkeys on ecstasy as Week 4 sees them face off with the 3-0 Mighty Pats who are averaging 319 points per game, and On The Rox will try to stay undefeated vs the Houston Hostiles (2-1).  Another important game to watch will be the WhyNots putting their own undefeated record on the line against Orange Lantern Corp who had a monster Week 3, scoring 372 points, good for 17th on the all-time high score list (with 188.50 defensive points, good for 11th all-time).  In other matches, The Great Khalil looks for their first win against a faltering Black Sheep, and the Warriors and Predators square off to see who’s at the top of the food chain.