Shooting Stars!


The Scandinavia Stars broke the League Record for single game points this weekend

WFL Logo 2016WORLD LEAGUE –  The Scandinavia Stars broke the World League all-time single game score record with their 177-89 win over Barcelona in Week 3.  The Stars now have 1st, 5th, and 6th all-time high scores on that list, and they move into second place in the Eastern Conference, still a game behind the Old England Patriots.   The Patriots actually hold 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, on the all-time high score record list and currently hold the Eastern Conference, at 3-0 after beating Jerusalem 111-100; the Cheeseheads are still win-less on the season.  Old England will try to stay undefeated in Week 4 as they host their biggest rival, London Falling who suffered a complete Week 3 meltdown, falling to Dublin Bay 34-102.  At the bottom of the conference, Jerusalem and Barcelona, also 0-3, will face off in a match where 1 team will get their first win.

The Dacusville Devils (3-0) control the Western Conference

The Dacusville Devils (3-0) control the Western Conference

In the Western Conference, Dacusville continues their early season domination, moving to 3-0 after  beating City of Champions 87-69, while the Acadians mire up second place in the conference after defeating the Blue Dogs in a close one 90-86.  The defending champs, the Los Angeles Dragons picked up their first win, at the expense of Mexico who drops into last place after the 108-94 loss.  Buenos Aires will have a shot at taking the Conference lead from the Devils when they meet in Week 4, while Mexico must overcome City of Champions to post their first win.