Barbarians and Prey


S16 logo 2015SUPER 16 – Like barbarians riding in from the west, 1 Eye Til I Die would not be denied in their battle with Birds of Prey in the Super 16 SimulPlay Week 2 Game of the Week.  It took the Raider franchise until late in the Sunday night game to pull it off against the defending Super Bowl Champions, but in the end, they squeaked out a 221-218 victory.  The stats department is still looking into it, but this may well be the highest total scoring match in S16 history, with 1 Eye’s day bookended by QB David Carr’s 53 point performance and DB Harrison Smith’s 12 point go-ahead scoring on Sunday Night Football.

If the win survives Thursday stat corrections, it’ll leave 1 Eye in a strong second place in the West after all 4 West Division teams came away with impressive Week 2 victories.  Led by the 2-0 Los Angeles Super Chargers and their 227-186 win over H-Town, teams from the West combined to put up an intimidating 879 total

The Los Angeles Super Chargers not only stand atop the high-scoring West Division, but are currently ranked #1 in the League

points this weekend, as the Firebirds pulled back the shade on Steel Curtain and the BowMen destroyed the Indy-destructibles.  In Week 3, old division rivals clash as the Firebirds meet the old Rams squad in their new home of Motor City, and the Super Chargers travel across the continent to play the Jaw Breakers.  The game the whole group will be watching, though, is the all important first of the season division match-up between bitter rivals BowMen and 1 Eye – in 2015 they split 1-1 and both teams made it into the playoffs, so this match should be full of fireworks.

The third highest scoring team in the league right now, Los Angeles might have their hands full against a Jets squad coming off a strong showing in their 214-196 win over BIGDOGINTEX.  At 1-1, Geno’s Jaw Breakers match the record of the rest of the East right now, as the Northern ‘Fins lost in Week 2 right beside Steel Curtain, and The Eagle has landed, landed themselves a devestating loss to the BEARMINATORS on Monday Night Football.  The ‘Fins will get a shot at The Dawg Pound in a Week 3 SimulPlay match, while Steel Curtain and The Eagle must shake off Week 2 to be ready for their own SimulPlay battle in Round 1 of the S16’s new Pennsylvania Classic.
Despite their loss, the Indy-structibles still hold onto a tenuous division lead in the North, but Motor City, The Dawg Pound, and the BEARMINATORS all looked strong in their Week 2 victories.  Last season, the Division Championship came down to the final week of regular season play, and this year may be no different.
After the close loss, Birds of Prey see their hold on the South Division slip to H-Town, who, despite losing also, and sharing the Bird’s 1-1 record, take first in the South on the strength of their Week 1 divisional victory over BIGDOGINTEX.  The Big Dog’s loss to the Jaw Breakers leaves them as the only club still searching for their first win and they’ll have a good shot at it this week when they face off against the BEARMINATORS.  H-Town must go up against bitter foe Indy in a rare non-SimulPlay match between the real world division foes.  Despite those two games, though, the fate of the division may rest on the outcome of Week 3’s Game of the Week between the Birds of Prey and the Who Dat Saints, as they meet in a MNF SimulPlay showdown on the 10th anniversary of the Saints’ emotional return to the Dome.  Updates on that one will be out Thursday.
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