Super Cam Heads to Argentina in Blockbuster Deal

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SuperCamWORLD LEAGUE –  The first ever pre-season trading period is being called a great success by World League officials, after a blockbuster deal this week that sent quarterback Cam Newton of Dublin Bay to his new home in Buenos Aires.  The Prawns receive running back Latavius Murray from the Blue Dogs in return in the trade.  This puts to rest the camp battle between Dublin Bay’s QBs; they will name Roethlisberger their starter.

Duke  JohnsonThe only other trade conducted in this first pre-season trading period was one that sent running back Duke Johnson from London to New Orleans, in exchange for New Orleans’ third round draft pick, the Acadians feeling like they can turn The Duke into a franchise back.

The League offices are looking at the two trades as a good response to the new setup, so much so, that they have extended the trading period.  The 5th annual world league draft was scheduled to start Monday, 8/29, by email, but the league has pushed that start back to Friday, 9/2. That extends the time for last minute trading to Wednesday, to allow time for counter offers. The league’s hoping another couple of teams might pull another trade off before the draft.