IFFL: World League levels Charge of Collusion After Hacked Emails Leaked

AF LogoAF – The fantasy world was rocked this week by allegations of contract tampering when a series of hacked IFFL emails emerged, leaked by an unknown source.  These emails seemed to show that the IFFL was engaged in illegal negotiations with World League franchise Los Angeles Dragons in an attempt to lure them into jumping leagues.

The long-running feud between AF’s two international leagues is well known and has been simmering for couple of years, though nothing this serious has ever been dragon helmetreported.  The World League is now threatening to file a formal complaint with the Association over what it says is an attempt by the IFFL to hijack one of the WFL’s premier franchises.  Los Angeles is the 2015 World League Champion and host city for the 2016 World Bowl 5.

An IFFL spokesman released the following statement:

“This is just the latest in a series of attempts by the World League to undermine our league, causing chaos in the hopes that we will fold operations and they can once again be the only international league in the Association. These so-called hacked emails we believe to be manufactured by the World League and wholy fabricated out of thin air.  This scandal exists only in the minds of the WFL and we will issue no further comment on it.”           -IFFL Press Release

Nonetheless, the evidence appears to show that the IFFL and the Los Angeles Dragons were engaged in back room discussions about the prospect of the Los Angeles franchise moving to the IFFL. Apparently there was an attempt by the IFFL to expand operations with a Pacific Division anchored by existing franchises Perth and Seattle and built upon by the addition of the Dragons and a yet IFFL solo logoundisclosed franchise located in either China or Australia – some have speculated that the mystery team may have been the Guaongzhou Rams who once played in the World League before being disbarred and banned for life for draft fixing.

If this alleged plan were true, and had it been pulled off, it would’ve been quite the coup for the fledgling IFFL to be able to poach the WFL’s defending champion.  League watchers have premised that the plan may have fallen apart when the IFFL’s Seattle franchise withdrew from the league this off-season.  Now, instead of expansion to the Pacific, it seems the IFFL is scrambling to field a full slate of teams in 2016 after the defection to a European league by their two Greek franchises, the NGK Galaxy and Greek Wonders.

Los Angeles, for their part, has tried to steer clear of the controversy, issuing a statement that said only that they are “focused on the upcoming season and the chance to defend their title in their home City in December.” We will keep you updated of any further developments.

Newly released logo for 2016's World Bowl 5 to be hosted by the defending WFL Champions Los Angeles Dragons

Newly released logo for 2016’s World Bowl 5 to be hosted by the defending WFL Champions Los Angeles Dragons