WFL Pre-Draft Trading Open; 2016 Draft Order Released

WFL Logo 2016World League – The new, Pre-Draft Trading period in the WFL is now open for teams to wheel and deal players from their 2015 rosters in exchange for other players and/or draft picks.  It should be exciting as the 2015 draft was to establish keepers for the first time in the 4 year old league, and now, teams will have the oportunity to shore up their personel going into the draft.  Teams must keep 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 2 RB/WR/TE Flex, and 1 Team Def, so there should be much for the teams to work with.  The exciting part of the new pre-draft trading rule is that all pending trades are subject to a 48 hour window in which any other team may submit a counter-offer to either trading party (the counter offers are also subjected to a counter offer period if accepted).  We’ll keep you updated on whether or not any teams choose to take advantage of the new rules.

In other World League news, the 2016 Draft Order was released by League Offices today.  The WFL follows the NFL’s format for determining draft order and are unique Barcelona Dragonsin the Association in using a linear (non-serpentine) draft format – because of the keepers.  The League is also unique in using a long running email draft that you’ll be able to follow along with live.  As the last place team in the 2015 season, the Barcelona Dragons will receive 2016’s first overall pick in the first post-keeper draft.  They will be followed at second overall by the Mexico Aztecs who matched the Dragons’ lackluster 4-9 record, but outscored Barcelona by about 100 points on the season.  The World League’s other Dragon squad, Los Angeles – winners of 2015’s World Bowl 4 and host city for World Bowl 5 – will start off at the end of the line in 2016 with the 12th spot in this year’s draft unless they can make some trades to better some of their picks.  The full 2016 World League Draft Order Follows.

  1. Barcelona Dragons
  2. Mexico Aztecs
  3. New Orleans Acadians
  4. Dublin Bay Prawns
  5. Old England Patriots
  6. Dacusville Devils
  7. City of Champions
  8. Scandinavian Stars
  9. Buenos Aires Blue Dogs
  10. Jerusalem Cheeseheads
  11. London Falling
  12. Los Angeles Dragons